Friday, March 04, 2005

Ramble ... me.

What do people really mean when they say "give chance" or "try lah"?

I call it The Ten- Minute Second Chance of a Lifetime (as opposed to A Lifetime of Trying Again and Again). It goes something like this: one thousand... look at guy... two thousand three thousand four thousand... imagine kissing guy... five thousand six thousand seven thousand... and more... eight thousand... shrill alarm and sprinklers going off somewhere... nine thousand ten thousand... sound of door being slammed shut and boots pounding the hallway outside...

Xena, 03 March

Hmm, what did I mean exactly? Good question. haha.

I think the most important thing is to ask yourself what exactly do you want in a relationship with a guy.

If you and this guy get along very well, liking each other pretty much, being fond of and all that blah blah, you can trust him, and guy quite cute too etc (heh)... and are good friends, taking a try means like you know ... trying to get a little intimate, like getting to know him real well, under his skin, that kinda of thing.

Closing one's eyes and thinking of how it feels to kiss him is not a good gauge at all, isn't it? See, logically speaking, if one were to start off as good friends, thinking of kissing one's friends tends to shut down the brain somewhat. One has to do that sort of things slowly, a small step at a time, and one has to give one a chance to be open-minded about it, not like say nahh .. it isn't going to work at all. After all, one has to redefine the whole friendship thingy a little, like looking it from another facet after all.

Perhaps a better guage is to ask yourself how comfy you are with the person, how much do you care for each other, are you able to accept his ideas and flaws, is he able to let you be yourself, and do you listen to each other? Would it sadden you somewhat if you lose his company and friendship? Does he make you laugh? Does he appreciate you?

After all, in my own humble opinion, if one were to find a person sexually attractive at the first look ... it's kinda like lust, isn't it? *laughs* I mean if he doesn't do anything and just stand there and you just must have him ... hahaa. heh. Okie .. ahem. Just give him a chance to romantically seduce you then, and perhaps see if things work out eventually. *bleah*

Perhaps that was what I meant. :P

I wouldn't know. To each his/her own. :)

And I think that if one really likes a person very very much, and that if the liking is mutual, one would want to be with that person forever and ever.


I think when one is ill, one tends to be extremely hungry. :X

Gee, my friend YS just called me a while back to tell me that she's arranging a speed dating service on the 19th of this month. Err ... that's so ... heh. funny. So here I am, to help her get potential people who might be interested. After laughing for a while, no seriously, not that the idea is funny, but it just IS funny coming from her, I promised to help her advertise a little. Friends of friends of friends. A little intimate affaire. So if you are interested, let me know!


She promises good looking and interesting guys and pretty girls.



Hell, if she gets this thing up, I might just pop in to see how it all works out! kpo. :P

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