Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Les miserable

Nothing much to write about except that I'm still ill. Went back to work this morning, but after about an hour, was feeling breathless and full of phlegm. Also had a constricted feeling in the lungs, felt rather light-headed and broke out in cold sweat. Decided not to continue anymore, but to go home and sleep.

There is a flu virus going around in school. I've never felt this bad before, only that time when I first started my job. Guess my body is still trying to get used to the new surroundings, and saying hi to its resident germs. New place, new germs. Ah well.

So I came home to my mom. Didn't feel like sleeping anymore, since it makes my head even heavier. Guess I should really take my medicine, and not stop just because the symptoms had diminished. Did I mention I hate taking medcine? I choked on the stupid panadol yesterday!

Taking this stupid cough syrup makes my heart beats super fast. duh.

Everyone seems to be giving their views on fine dining. I shall contribute my two cents on it too. :P

To me, most importantly, the food must be good. Okie, add that if I'm paying a hand and a foot, the service must be flawless too. Else why call it 'FINE' dining! I won't go back again if it's bad. Wen and I used to go around and eat. We liked Esmirada, one of our favourite places. Except that it's very ex, so we only go when we get some discount there. :P We've been to Jeremy's twice, both times on my birthday when Wen treated me. It's quite a nice place there, the food was very tiny in portion though, just enough for the two of us - bring my hubby along and he'll complain that it's not enough to fill him up. heh. The service was pretty good both times, but perhaps that was because we were the only customers there. One wonders how they manage to stay open!

Nowadays, however, we hardly go out to eat together anymore. Wen has to go home to her dog, and I'd rather spend time cooking for hubby at home. I guess people do drift apart after a while. She now has another friend to go out with, and for myself, I always go out alone.

The best food we've tried is still the one in Bali, at Alia Manggis. The home-made ice-cream is truely out of the world. No kidding you. And the food is simply fantastically orgastic. heh heh. Must go back and try again. The ice-cream, the rice pudding, the seafood etc. *drool*

Stupid cough syrup makes my fingers feel a bit numb and trembling too.

Painting starts tomorrow. I hope I don't regret the colours we chose. :X

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