Tuesday, January 25, 2005

hack hack cough cough

So my doc gave me two days of MC. I think I must have looked quite sick. Got difficulty breathing too. It's all that talking in a loud voice which I had to do. Good thing I never had asthma before. I used to be very strong and healthy when I was young, but nowadays, even walking in the freezer section of a supermarket is enough to send me shivering and whimpering away. So cold!

Well, he said there's a tightness in my lungs. Not too sure what that means, something to do with all the phelgm. I really ought to take my medicine tonight. Like my parents, I don't believe in taking medicine until I become extremely ill. Hubby rolls his eyes clockwise and anti-clockwise. :P Did I mention that I love my hubby very very much and I'm so lucky to have him? He is taking very good care of me! :)

And my doc asked me if I was planning to have kids soon. I was a bit shocked by the question, and gave him a horrified look and said 'no!' sharply. I think he looked rather amused by my reaction, and I quickly amended it to maybe in about one or two years time. You see, when one is sick, one doesn't expect such a question! :P Besides one is up to one's neck with the new house and the new school. Can't do too much.


I really should get more rest and not run around. Or eat chocolates. *bleah* The panadol tasted really awful last night, well, it's not really panadol ... it's another kind, and when I crushed it to take it, it was so awfully bad, worse than the normal panadol, that I had to put in a piece of chocolate in to overcome the taste. Urrgh. :P I can usually take crushed panadol without batting an eye-lid. Am so used to that bitter taste, but this is worse. Truely.

Had finished reading Nightwatch. Okie book. Not particularly very funny or witty. Hmmm. Story sounds very cliche. Very normal. Whoops, hope I don't offend any fans out there. tee heh heh. Just started reading Small Gods. Seems quite promising, but kinda reminds me of David Eddings. Or ... someone else?

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