Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tongue in Cheek

It's a beautiful morning today! It's nice to snuggle in bed especially since hubby is not working in the morning. :) With the sounds of Joshua Bell filling the air.

The latest craze is now Korean dramas. Mom never fails to catch the 9pm one every night. Don't ask me what it is, I don't watch TV. She loved it ... glued to the screen and when the theme song and music come on, she'll get all misty and excited. Apparently the theme song comes on when the tragic lovers are shown together. So excited she was, she kept humming the tune over and over again and asked me if I've heard it before. The melody sounded so darn familiar, but I could not just put my finger on it. I'm sure I've heard it somewhere, it's a very common tune. have I played it before? My father said it's Serenade, but by who?

So this morning, mom was going on and on about the piece of music again, humming (abeit out of tune) to herself, and she was all praise for music of violin and piano origins. I told her that hey, I do have lots of violin and piano pieces, and since it was an early morning, I decided to let her listen to my favourite CD. Yep, you've got it. Joshua Bell - Romance of the Violin. :) So put CD in, start play .... first piece my favourite O Mio Babbino Caro. And as my eyes ran down the CD case, something caught my eye. Serenade by Schubert!! Could it be? Was it so? What do we know? Let it be so! Ahhh ... hit right into the bull's eye. It was the same piece of music which mom was going gaga during the Korean drama. I'm the favourite girl today. :) :)

So it was indeed played by Joshua Bell. No wonder the melody sounded so familiar everytime I heard it. I've heard that piece so many times, being so prone to put Joshua Bell on repeat over and over again. It has delved deep into my subconscious. heh.

While hubby is taking a short nap, I'm drafting out the letter for him. He's going to flip when he reads it. heh heh. Here's the gist of it:

Dear Madam,

I refer to your letter dated 1st December 2004, regarding the Verification of Sales Draft/Transaction Details.

1. I wish to inform you that the transaction is not valid. You should have, by now, received notification from the merchant of the cancellation of the transaction. I enclose a copy of the email correspondence with the merchant.

2. Please cancel the unauthorised transaction.

3. I also wish to lodge a complaint against you bloody fools! Your incomplete investigation regarding this matter has caused me a lot of distress and sleepless nights. I have to personally take leave from my busy practice to investigate this matter thoroughly.

4. Due to your incompetence, I have to deal with the matter myself. I am very disappointed with the services of XXX bank, an internationally acclaimed bank. As a loyal customer of your bank for many years, my confidence in your bank has been terribly shaken. You have taken the word of the merchant and failed to do a proper investigation. Why was it so difficult for the person investigating this matter to call the Travel Agent to clarify matters before jumping into conclusions?

5. In future, I will have to reconsider sending in transactions to my credit card. Rest assured I will advise my friends and colleagues accordingly to the special privilege you accorded your customers.

Yours sincerely,

Honestly, that's already very tame. I could have used stronger words. But I can't really feel annoyed because of the Joshua Bell's violin music right now. :P Hmmmm .... hubby's definitely going to flip. The last letter I drafted for him, he practically have to change quite a few things. heh heh. But seriously, that's exactly how I felt about the whole affaire! They did the investigation, spoke to the merchant involved, took two bloody months, and couldn't settle it properly! We took two days of our leave, made a few phone calls, went down to take a look, and saw the bottom of the well. I say, what is this huh? If you want to know what bank it is, let me know, and I'll tell you for free. bloody idiots *mutter*.

Writing such letters really spoil one's mood.

Well, some better news, PM's on leave this whole week! She called me up to go skating and blading with her! :) Yay! But ... mom overheard and said I was to R_E_S_T. And hubby did say I should rest too. Actually I quite agree with them. Didn't really feel up to doing too much exercises, although the good doctor did say I could do much about everything, sans sex. heh heh heh. Tongue in cheek post okie! *bleah* Okie, so I'm just lazy and using this as an excuse not to exercise. :P So now trying to get PM to visit me and play chess with me. I still owe her a birthday treat. Still, it's good to be able to see her ... and Lin again. Did I mention Lin's going to be back today?


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