Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Stuck in a rut

Sometimes in the afternoon when I got off from the bus at the interchange to go home, I would see this extremely fat cat basking in the heat of the day, lying cosy in a corner near the concrete pillar; lying flat, with big tummy protruding along the floor; lying flat, with all four paws stretched to maximise the cool area on its tummy; lying flat, wedged contentedly on its back; lying flat, drooling away and dreaming of human slaves feeding it; lying flat, one big fat undignified blap, right smack in the centre of the walkway, and all the pathetic humans have to thread gingerly around it. It's damn awfully FAT.

Sometimes in the afternoon when hubby and I drove back to his office, we would see this sweet little cat, curled up on the ledge, by the curve of the entrance of the car park, just a little way in from the Sun. It wouldn't even stir as car after car passes by it, too tired from its night's frolicking to bother with stupid machines people like to move in. Sometimes its back is to us as if to say Go away, Bugger you. Sometimes if we're earlier, we would see it crossing from one end of the driveway to the other, to its favourite spot to have its favourite catnap.

Yesterday as I was walking to the hair salon, I spied a little one near the hedges. It was curled up in a ball, little head on its paws, lying on the metal box where complicated wires and strange things exist, cooling it off in the warm day. So fast asleep, perhaps snoring a littiel, just covered by the shade, snoozing its forty winks, ignoring you and me completely.

The day is extremely hot, the Sun is glaring down indigently at everyone. I have drawn the curtains and lowered the temperature of the room. My bed is piled up with pillows and blankets, and my cats are snoozing as usual. It's a nice time to be like a cat, hugging my pillows and being sandwiched with the blankets and going to sleep in such a hot weather. Ohh, I had just dragged myself up to write this post. I'm losing all my routines and discipline. Where had all the firm resolutions gone to? I threw out of the window, the resolve to go jogging in the morning, the resolve to go for yoga, the resolve to go blading, the resolve to wake up early and play the piano, the resolve to tidy my room and clear my work clutter. Out! Out! Out! All you evil plotters to keep me healthy! It is best to be nua on such a hot day. I feel all my fat oozing out from the pores. Greese rules! I must get my bum out of the rut!!!

Maybe I should just go back to sleep now. :P

Latest update: Hubby just told me that the cat sleeping in the driveway of the carpark now has a baby kitten sleeping with her! Wow. That's what we'd say, fast work. well done. hahaha.

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