Monday, December 27, 2004

Sharing the fun and laughter

Very interesting articles to read here.

Today Wen told me an anecdote about a very high class hotel (six stars indeed!).

Her ex-colleague went there for a business meeting and they booked some rooms in the hotel for the staff to stay in. On check-in, she was brought up to her room by the bell-boy.

The boy opened the door, stepped in and hurridly stepped out and closed the door. Looking extremely flustered and red-faced, he stammered, 'Err ... you can't go in there!'


'There's someone in the room. I think we'd better go back down.'

So they took the lift back down and checked with the reception. Whoops, given wrong room.

After much apology, the bell-boy brought the ex-colleague up to another room. On reaching the room, the boy was going to insert the key and open the door when he suddenly stopped and turned.

'Wrong room again?'

The red-faced bell-boy replied, 'Err, there's a Do-Not-Disturb sign on the door knob'.


After more hams and haws, the reception finally sent the ex-colleague to the right room. A while later, the manager called the room to express his sincerest apologies and to ask if she had received the bottle of champagne as apology and good will.

Her reply? Sarcastically, 'Did you leave it in the toilet? For I don't see anything that resemble a bottle in the room at all.'

Whoops ... the bottle of champagne had gone to the wrong room.

And all these coming from a six star hotel here. And to top it all, upon checkout, she was charged breakfast when it was supposed to be in the package! Wah zan ... that was the last straw! They couldn't settle the bill and she had to rush off for a meeting. When she returned in the evening, they still hadn't got everything straight yet.


And to think that we're talking about a SIX star hotel here. A very expensive hotel where you have to pay through your nose. tsk tsk. That hotel had been in the limelight lately. And the service isn't all too great. We waited for almost an hour before they served us our afternoon tea. Because they didn't expect the high turn-up rate on a Monday and had not prepared enough food. HUH?!

We won't be going back there for sure!

And now I can't sleep. Have to wake up extremely early tomorrow to go back for a meeting. Arrgh, was it all that tea?

I picked up my knitting again after one year. And I realised that I've forgotten what I was doing. Where the hell did I stop? What do I have to bloody do next? Wah zan ... never never stop knitting half way for too long!

And now Wen said the colour looked rather awful. Huh. That was what I said to her a long long time ago! And that time she said no what, it was quite nice! She's definitely getting old and forgetful.

And 51 minus 25 is 26, and since I owe her 19 she has to pay me back 7. There was something niggling at the back of my mind. I was totally confused. She said I'm a terrible Maths teacher. But I'm on holiday! Then it hit me. 26 divided by 2 is 13. I owe her 6. hahaha. I had the last laugh. :P heh. Then again, maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. :P :P :X

It was fun to go shopping with her. We haven't done that for a long time. I'm evil. I'm pilling clothes on her so that she'll spend more money. heh heh heh.

Chess wise. I don't know why I'm still hanging on to that bloody stupid game with me a queen down. Opponent has 5 pawns and a Queen. I have 3 pawns, a rook and a knight. He's going to queen his pawns. I'm running around like a headless chicken. *bleah*

And in another game, I doubt opponent is going to blunder and let me queen my pawns. So we've decided to draw. Oh well. I've lost one game, drawn one game and won the rest. As for the unfinished ones, except for the above, I think I can win all too. heh heh heh. :)

As long as I don't do kamikaze like giving a free queen again.

Yippee! :)

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