Sunday, December 26, 2004

Over or Under

I wonder ... is it better to have eyes over-corrected or under-corrected?

Apparently my optician told me that I've been wearing over prescribed lenses for years. Well, okie, so I got to cut back a hundred degrees. Now, everything does look a bit bigger, but blurer. Like right now, typing on my keyboard, looking at the screen, the image doesn't seem as sharp. Even on the roads, signboards and traffic and vehicles all become a bit more smudgy. Everything used to be extremely sharp and bright. Now I'm looking at things with a different perspective.

I wandered out of my room earlier in the afternoon and was attracted to the TV. Didn't know there was an earthquake plus tsunami. It felt so strange, like watching a movie, yet it was such a terrible tragedy. So many people died just like that,so many homes destroyed, and so close to home. We are so lucky that our tiny dot of an island is well sheltered by our surrounding neighbours. It just need one big tidal wave to wipe us out. All those reclaimed land.

I wonder how xena is. Is she affected? Is she all right?

I've got presents from Min and YS. I really like what Min gave me. But then, she's reading this. heh heh :P ... No really, it's nice, thanks Min. :) I guess I won't have to worry about my make-up supplies for a long time now. After all, I hardly use a lot anyway. As for YS, I could see Min's eyes opening BIG when I unwrap the present. I kept telling myself ... it's the thought that counts. :P Right? Everyone repeat after me, it's the thought that counts. I really don't know what I'm going to do with that super cheena purse and that ... that ... ahem ... It's something that I'd never never ever use. For heaven's sake, they're sooooooooo .... I'm speechless to describe them. Hubby's eyes also open BIG when I showed them to him. All repeat after me, it's the thought that counts. I rather she didn't give me anything. Just to see her is good enough. To be real nasty, it felt like those stuffs are something she didn't want and just gave to me. Like those times when she 'introduced' guys to me. I'm sorry but I just felt it that way.

I told Min, I'll just probably keep them around for a while until the next spring clean and if I really can't find any use for them, I might probably throw them away. In fact, I left them in the car boot. :P :P

Christmas is over. It's just one more week before term starts. I must start psyching myself up for it. There will be the inevitable phD - post holiday depression - and I've to start waking myself up at five am. It's going to be worse this time, especially for hubby, since our house is not ready yet.

And do you know? It was only in the recent years that I realised the New Year is exactly one week after Christmas! dodo me. heh heh

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