Friday, December 31, 2004

Introspective Musings

It rained the whole day today. It seems that the Gods are weeping. Over 100,000 were dead, and probably many more. And many people are without clean water or food or shelters over their heads. It's a sad and depressing week all together.

This year New Year's Eve feels especially sad for me. I don't understand why there is a need to celebrate New Year's Eve. It feels more like a time to stay in with the family and perhaps to pray or just spending time together and think of the past, present and future.

Many many things have happened this year in my life. I've been happier, definitely. I've also been married for a year and 4 days, and definitely having no regrets. To stay happily married, one has to continuously work hard to make things work. You don't just think of yourself, you put your loved one before you, and never ever take things for granted. If he's hungry, cook him a nice hot meal. If he's tired, give him a backrub. If he's grumpy, give him a big big hug. Step on his toes in the morning for a foot reflex. Always shower him with lots of kisses. :) And always tell him 'I love you.' :) I love you, dearest hubby. :) :)

Every year, I will always resolve to be a better person next year. :P So it will just be that. :)

Hubby and I have been having a little argument over a truck and a lorry. Think little Hammie in Baby Blues. :P Everytime we see one of those big vehicles rumbling by, we would go is that a truck or a lorry? I would think a lorry is much much bigger than a truck. Truck = medium size; lorry = large size. But who's to say what is medium and what is large? So ... what is the bloody difference between a truck and a lorry? *scratch head*

And whenever we pass by this road along paya lebar, we would see a shop called Nova. And hubby would never fail to ask, 'so is Nova the same as Novena?' And that always got me laughing. :P By the way, they're both furniture shops.

I wonder if Lin is back today, and what time that would be.

There seems to be some other people reading my blog that I'm not aware of. Perhaps all you pple who pop in from time and again would like to wish me a happy new year? :P

Happy New Year.
(And like a friend said:)
Pull your ear.

And like my mom said: long ears means long life. :P :P

Pretty Burkies. But no thanks. :P

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