Monday, December 13, 2004


I have to agree with Xena, this is extremely hilarious.

Blogging is rather amazing actually. You read other people's blog, they read your blog, and somehow there seems to be something there. I wonder what people think of me when they chance upon my blog. And why sometimes they keep coming back. I know why I keep going back to their blogs. Sometimes it offers a different perspective in life, sometimes it reads funny, and sometimes I'm just bored. heh.

Seperation anxiety - how strange that phrase is. I never felt like that, but perhaps I never felt seperated from my close friends when they move on. I think the closest friend I would have is Wen, and even then, we weren't exactly the closest of people. Both of us require space. Among all my close girlfriends ... she was the last I know. HM was from my primary school, and we still keep in touch till now. I was close to a couple of people from my secondary school, or rather as in we hang out together ... or rather, we took the same bus home, heh ... but we never really did keep in touch. Most of my good friends come from my JC. There's Lin, who is going to Paris for an interview (wow!), Min, whom I'm still waiting to get my hands on to change her wardrobe for her (*bleah*), PM, who is always mission impossible to get her (rolls eyes), LR or YS, who is really nice but an extremely confused person (heh heh heh), and who just called me a minute ago and told me she was sitting on the toilet bowl doing her business. She's always calling me in the toilet and sometimes one can even hear the flushing. heh heh. These few friends went through thick and thin with me on the chessboards. Perhaps that's why I always felt close to them. There's Xel, who was my opponent on a chessboard one day, and she got swindled to accept a draw from me when I was losing. We had the same trainer, and we both got scolded after that ... me for offering her a draw when I was losing (how could I have done such a despicable thing?) and she for accepting the draw when she was winning (rolls eyes). heh heh. There were a couple more friends from my class in JC, but not really close now. And finally Wen whom I got to know through the internet. surprise?

I think the reason why I felt closest to Wen is probably because we went travelling together. They say you can really get to know a person when you know all their bad habits. I can never quite understand her, and sometimes she can be quite frightening, but really I think it doesn't matter, for deep down, she's really a nice and trustworthy person. And she gets me to do things which I've always wanted to do but am too inert to do. We got to know each other through helping a mutual friend with a website (after which we dropped that friend), and I remember the first time I saw her. She fixed up the appointment and all that, quite like a blind date, and boy ... was she efficient. There were a few of us meeting together, so she simply booked a table at a restuarant under her name, and we would all go there. Easy huh, bet you never thought of that! :P I was late and so was she, and when I neared the place I saw this girl walking in front of me, and I was wondering if that was she, and indeed she was wondering the same thing about me walking behind her! Great minds think alike. :P Somehow we hit it off, and started 'dating' each other out. heh.

She had been very encouraging to me in many things. Encouraging me to spend more money *bleah*, encouraging me to be together with hubby, helping me with my ROM, doing all the planning when we go on holidays etc. And when I bought the ring for hubby, she bought Biscuit from Australia. Spent the same amount of money as I had for that ring. Cannot understand her! Heh. And she doesn't seem to want to settle down with her bf of three(?) years. Really cannot quite understand her. Hmmm. OH well ... will go shopping with her for Tods sale on Wed. :) It's always nice to know that someone is spending as much if not more money than you. :P Can't wait.

For two hours since I woke up this morning, I was seriously thinking of going for yoga. Until just now when I checked my wound and it was still leaking pus. Euugh. And my right wrist still can't really take weight. So I shall take more care and stay at home ... and err, tidy the room. Hmm. Make that write blog and play chess.

I need more opponents to play chess with. I think I quite like correspondence chess. There's no time stress there, and I can take forever to think of the next move, but sometimes it's just too slow. Ah well, can't have cake and eat it.

I think sometimes my life is just too good. :)

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