Saturday, December 18, 2004

Early random school memories

I was quite happy at school. One boy screamed and yelled and cried when his parents left. I thought he was wierd.

I had a good friend, but I was not allowed to sit next to her when we took our class photo. I slouched, and was cast to the side so that the photo would turn out nice. Sometimes mom would be late to pick us up. I would explore the dark halls of the building and run around the place.

My father bought home the cake that night. It was a lovely blackcurrent one. I was excited and looking forward to it. During dinner, the box was pushed off the table and somersaulted onto the floor. I think I cried. My eyes were puffy the next morning. The photo was blurred on purpose so you wouldn't looked too closely at the cake or me. Grandma gave me the dress I was wearing. I celebrated alone. Bro had gone to school. Where was mom?

After that I stopped attending kindergarten when my bro started primary school. Mom couldn't handle both of us going to different schools, so I stayed at home for half a year. I do not know what I did everyday. Mom would bring me everywhere when she had to go out. I remembered the bus. I always liked to press the stop buzzer.

Primary school was exciting. We had to wake up early to catch the school bus every morning. I knew I love the rainy days. The whole sky would be overcast and the weather would be cold. Mom would hustle and bustle and we would hear the uncle horning below. When it rained, my bro and I would share an umbrella as we ran through the pouring rain under the dark sky. He said, tilt the umbrella at an angle in front of ys so we won't get wet. I think we got even wetter. I would splash on the puddles and ran down the slippery steps, giggling all the way.

My first fight with the girl from the bus. My brother's classmate, but he always just laughed at me when I was teased and bulled everytime. He would not be bothered with girls. I swung my water bottle and hit her in her face.

The school bus left without me and I cried. My teacher sent me home. I don't remember the ride. I remembered waiting at the stairs landing, sitting at the steps. Mom wasn't home yet. I think she went to pick me up.

I was always the first to finish my Maths homework in class. While everyone counted from one, I counted from the number given. Everyone's head was bent down in deep concentration while I looked around. Teacher was busy at her desk and had not spotted me. I quickly pretended I was still doing the sums but turned to the next page and mentally did the questions. I was never praised to be the first to finish in class.

After that I never bothered to look up when I finished my work. I would just continue mentally on the next page. Teacher caught me at that one day. I had to show her how I count. She thought I had a special method. I didn't think she was very impressed by my speed. She warned me not to look at the next page. I was never taught anything special. I learnt to daydream then.

We played zero-point in the tuckshop and catching on the road. We were always running around. A boy in my class came to disturb us, and my bro and his friends scared him off. I remember my brother pulling him by his shirt and wanting to beat him up. My bro was always spoiling for a fight.

I heard my bro was caught playing truant during school hours. He and a few friends crawled out through a hole in the fence to the neighbourhood shops nearby to buy sweets. He was still teacher's pet. I was famous because I was the sister of the teacher's pet.

My teacher sent me to carry the books to another class. I went to the wrong class and left the books there. I was terrified. I ran all the way back to get the books. I hated being the sister of the teacher's pet.

My bro was hardly around during recess. I love the ten-cent fried fish. Sometimes my friend's brother would buy for me. Sometimes my bro would do so, if mom nagged at him enough. Earlier Mom would come and buy for me and see how we are settling down. Most times I would go hungry. I never ordered anything myself. It had become a habit not to eat during recess, and slowly a habit not to take breakfast.

I was terrified when I dropped my nametag. My friends ran around the school field to help me looked for it. I cried when it was not to be found. My bro refused to help. My classmate offered me his. He put his hand over his pocket when we walked past the prefects and grinned at them. They were used to his kind. I cannot remember if he was caught. I forgot his name.

I was one of the chosen to recite a story to the school. I could memorise every single word of the story. During the rehearsal, I stood like a wooden block and recited in as boring a monologue as I could. They decided to get someone more interesting.

In my third year, I chose my book prize which was beyond my standard. They didn't want to give it to me. I begged, and my teacher relented. The first time my bro and I received a book prize, my parents gave us each a Parker pen. I had never received anything from them when it was just myself. I concluded that it was only because of bro. I was extremely jealous and unhappy. I still have that pen. Bro has either lost his or spoilt it.

For the first time in my life, I made a decision myself. I raised my hand when teacher asked anyone who was interested in learning the violin. I went home and mom told me not to be silly. She would not get a violin for me. I hated the piano.

They wanted to make me a prefect. I was glad I left then. I grew up a little when I changed school. I never kept in touch with anyone back there.

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