Sunday, November 07, 2004

Would you have done this?

Many people tend to speed up when they see the lights turn yellow at the traffic junction. It's very ... common for the extremely impatient us. For me, I've learnt my lesson during my driving exam, no ... I didn't run the lights, but I didn't slow down at the junction as my instructor had told me time and time again. My first driving exam was very easy. There were hardly any cars on the road in the morning of the exam. I was driving normally fast in the super straight stretch of the road, and I saw the green lights calling seductively at me from about 200(?) metres away. Thoughts tumbled through my head, should I slow down or will the lights remain green? Is the lights going to stay green? Is it going to change soon? Will I be able to go through the junction before it turned yellow? And while my indecisiveness was still hard at work, I neared the junction, the lights decided to turn yellow, my super fast reflexes immediately slammed on the brakes and screeched to a halt just slightly outside the white line.

Am I good or what! hahaha.

The examiner was not impressed though. He said that if there were a car behind me, it'll had hit me. I should have either slowed down earlier, or just go through the bloody yellow lights. rrrright. That was another few marks deducted. In the end, I guess he just wasn't very happy about my driving. Even though I did not make any more mistakes (the earlier one being the wheels TOUCHing the bloody S curve in the circuit), he decided to fail me.

Ah well. I was rather nervous during the first exam anyway. If he had passed me, I might not have the confidence to drive on my own. So I just took up a couple more lessons, and confidently pass the 2nd round. No glaring mistakes the 2nd time too! :)

But I digress. Yellow lights. Red lights. It's quite common to go through yellow lights, but I bet people wouldn't go through red lights. But hubby did that. Once. Really.

We were quite lost on the road. Apparently we had done a wrong turn somewhere and we ended up in some super ulu roads, dark and empty. I was trying deperately to get our bearings on the map, and hubby was happy to just cruise along in the car. This was when we just got our car. When we neared a junction, he asked me what next? I replied, 'Go straight'. Which he did just that. And he cruised happily through the junction.

Except the lights were red.

And there were three policemen on motorbikes at the other side of the junction. I saw them after we passed by them. I looked at hubby. 'Hey! The lights were red and you just went through them red lights in front of all those traffic police!' WOW.


Good thing the police were talking to one another and did not realised that we just went slowly through the red lights. heh heh. Now who's dumber? :P

My cousin told me that during her driving exam, she was happily driving on the super straight stretch of road, when the examiner suddenly asked her, 'what is the speed limit for ____ roads?' ... She replied, '70km/h'. Perfect answer! Examiner, 'That's right, and you have just failed your exam.' Whoops. She had been speeding happily and unknowingly (over the speed limit) on the super beautiful straight stretch of road. DOH.

I came home today with three pretty pairs of shoes. Wanted to get one only actually, and get Wen to buy the 2nd one so that we get the discount. But I ended up getting three and her, two. *bleah* But they're really good quality ones and each ended up less than a hundred. *bleah*

No more shopping, girl!


My Japanese class. Finally finished the intermediate 1 yesterday. The test was .. err, rather easy. Actually very easy. Why, you asked? First of all, I did revise quite a bit. Had been extremely good and hardworking this time round. Made summary notes and all that stuffs. But most importantly, before the test, our teacher did a review with us. Basically she was giving us about 80% of the answers in the test itself. *rolls eyes* Yes, I know ... she's that lousy a teacher. I didn't need her doing that. It took away the anticipation of the test. What was the point of doing well when half the time during lessons, you don't understand what she's trying to say, and at the end she just give you the answers to the test? What is the point? I don't mind if she gave some tips ... but ... but ... shessh. We spoke with some of the classmates and we decided to request for a change of teacher for the next level. Otherwise we aren't going to continue. It'll be good to take a break and study on my own.


And if anyone feels like playing chess with me, go here. It's like correspondence chess. I've never played correspondence chess before. I'm not sure if I'm very interested in corresponding chess yet. Am in, since it's recommended by Min. Omoshiroi though. :)

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