Thursday, October 14, 2004

It's almost Friday again!

Three more classes to go x 1 question x 8 points in the question. Surely I can try to finish them all tomrrow. Too soon, it's Friday again. How time flies. There will be some running around tomorrow, I sure hope I can finish everything by tomorrow so that I can enjoy another guilt-free weekend. :) And looking forward to English Tea with Wen tomorrow as well. :)

My colleague trashed out the matter with the person. She went to explain about the fifteen minutes. I wouldn't have done that actually. It's just not like me. I guess I'm the kind who avoids issues and end up ignoring people and going around with a gloomy face. I'm glad she did that, for it's quite awful to have people saying bad things behind your back and when the time comes, gives you crap. Ah well, perhaps I just don't care enough. Does it matter if I don't wish to fight with them for that piece of rung on the ladder? I just want to do a quiet job and enjoy my time with my kids. Unfortunately, things just don't work the way we want them to. *sigh*

I ought to practise yoga at home. All the sun saluations and stuffs. There's a new yoga centre opening in town, but I'm not sure I want to join them. Too much hype. I still prefer my current place and my current teacher. I've signed up for the intermediate class again and I forsee more aches and pains coming up next week. Doing her general class every sunday is already giving me aches and pains on monday. Why am I torturing myself?

And speaking of torture, squeezing whiteheads out from one's nose is the most painful experience one can ever imagine. Why can't they apply some anaethesia on my poor nose first? Hubby says there's some sort of thingy you can spray on the nose to numb it ... hmm.

The internet connection was down the last few days and I've actually resorted to watching tele at night! Caught half the french movie natika (only realised what it was called towards the end) ... was very nice, pretty actress ... and Victor the cleaner ... hahaha. Hubby says the cleaner is always called Victor :P Actually I don't understand what the hell is happening in the movie. Was she working for the police or what? Was watching Agnes of something earlier and ended up switching between the two, since the french one was nicer.

Also picked up the violin and dusted millions of dust mites off the case. Screech a few lines and decided that my poor ears needed a break. I shall have to get a music stand first, and then a teacher. Played the piano half-heartedly as well. I think I was simply suffering from withdrawal. :P

One more day to the weekend! :) :) :)

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