Thursday, October 14, 2004

A few things ...

First of all, a tribute to Christopher Reeve, most famously known as Superman or Clark Kent. I have liked Superman, and he had always been one my favourite actors and heroes. I guess it's kinda sad.

It's been a bit busy these few days as the markings have come in. Here are a few funny stuffs which my colleagues had encountered:

Q. What is the difference between a horse and a cat?
A. A cat has fur but a horse has hair at the bottom.

From a composition: I was like so dead I cannot even see.

My stuffs aren't so funny, but here's one: Add the alkali from the burette drip by drip.

Hmmm. I must try to get more. They can be quite destressful.

Here's something which cracked me up:
Shanghai men go for breast implants
Eh, breast implants for men?

A couple of days back, I spent time talking to a colleague. I don't usually do this actually. She seemed to be at the point of a nervous breakdown. Can't able to sleep at night and unable to focus with her work. Apparently she has some minor problems with someone at work and generally feels extremely stressful. I empathised with her but somehow I really cannot understand the problem. The way I see it, the solution is extremely easy. I guess I don't quite understand how she thinks, and why there is a need to continue losing sleep about it. I still think there is an underlying problem which perhaps she is unable to admit or come to terms about it. Perhaps if she accepts it, she might be better. *sigh*

My colleague is a Christian, and basically she believes that she ought to do good stuffs, and be nice to people and all that stuffs, even though if it makes her unhappy. I strongly feels that there should be a line being firm and saying no, and to be nasty. Standing for your own rights is not wrong and one shouldn't feel guilty if one is unable to help another person if it is beyond ones means. Surely that doesn't make you a bad person? She can so easily refuse to help me when I asked her for help, surely she can do that with that other colleague? Somehow I feel that there is more than meets the eye.

I have another friend who is a Christian and her character is something like that as well. Why feel so guilty when someone approaches you for help and you have to turn down because it's beyond your means to help? Why is it so hard to say no, and you end up agreeing and being so stressful and unhappy about it? It's not something I can easily understand I guess.

Generalisation statement coming up ... somehow this makes me feel that there are some people who have to believe in a religion because they just cannot believe in themselves.

I treated my kids to pizza yesterday to celebrate their win. We certainly don't do this in the past. It makes me feel quite envious. I mean, we don't to be rewarded by our teachers or our parents when we do well in something. It's just different nowadays.

While speaking with them, we came upon this point. A discussion about two teachers with different styles of teaching. One of them gives notes generously, notes which the kids hunger for. The other tries not too. Let's call them A who always gives out notes, and B who doesn't. The students were telling me that they like A because she gave them very nicely printed notes which make it easy for them to study, and they felt that B was lazy.

Now, both A and B are highly professional people. I told the kids that different people have different styles. And I told them how I actually felt about it all. I too come from the belief that we should not be spoonfeeding the kids. Giving them notes helps in the short term, but in the long run, they'll never learn to be independent! They should be making their own notes! No wonder we say our younger generation cannot think on their own and cannot be independent.

What can you do when there are people who continue to do things in this way and others who do it differently are deemed as lazy and are disliked?

If you start your paper fifteen minutes late of course it'll end fifteen minutes later. That doesn't mean we who start the paper on time are giving them less time to do the paper, since from your point of view we ended fifteen minutes earlier. And why do you jump to conclusions like that and say bad things about us? DUH. Talk about reserving judgements. ha.

I'm not concentrating very well on my markings, looking at the amount of rubbish I'm generating here. Perhaps I should go have a nice cup of cookies n creme and try to finish a few more later.

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