Friday, September 10, 2004

Punch that punctuation!

On Apostrophe: I've always thought that in pural, the apostrophe is put after the s, such as Teachers' Day instead of Teachers Day ... if that's what's according to Tomato Nation, and if it is used in a name which ends with s, you put the apostrophe after the s as well, and not 's after that, such as: Pythagoras' Theorem and not Pythagoras's Theorem or Pytahgoras Theorem. Well, at least that's what written in my Maths book.

Who knows? That article in Tomato Nation was pretty confusing in itself.

It's and Its definitely gets my goat, especially when it is used in sms ... where the sender finds it too troublesome to put in the apostrophe. I cringe everytime I read that. :P

Another word usually mistakenly used is contents/content. I've always thought that contents is a noun (always in plural), as in the contents in a box, the contents of a book etc, (never the content in the box) whereas, content is used to mean being satisfied. Hmm?

And finally, I've been taught that a sentence like this: if _____ were there, one should always use 'were' ... but I've seen books which puts it down as: if I was there ... which is right?


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