Thursday, September 02, 2004

Many little dust-mites for the attic

First of all, I would like to put this down, from Agatha Christie's A Caribbean Mystery:

Miss Marple shook her head.
"Oh, no," she said, "I think it's quite natural. Life is more worth living, more full of interest when you are likely to lose it. It shouldn't be, perhaps, but it is. When you're young and strong and healthy, and life stretches ahead of you. living isn't really important at all. It's young people who commit suicide easily, our of despair from love, sometimes from sheer anxiety and worry. But old people know how valuable life is and how interesting."

From another person's viewpoint. Certainly food for thought eh?

I have been feeling depressed lately. Perhaps it's a chemical thing, perhaps it's work-related, or perhaps just both. Maybe depressed is too strong a word to use. I've been feeling low-key, off-note, under-the-weather, miserable, unhappy. I didn't go to work on Tuesday after all. :P I was into the anti-social act, not wanting to be in a crowd. I might have enjoyed myself if I went, but I wanted to wallow in my misery. Even yoga didn't help very much. It was comforting to have the presence of hubby though. Thank god for that. :)

So I went to get my jab instead. Five minutes of pain. ... Okie, so maybe I'm exaggerating. :P I could feel the needle piercing and entering into my skin, the discharge of the liquid into the muscles, the slow withdrawal of the sharp pointed needle out of the skin, it even came out with a little spish! OUCH. It hurts! :( Hubby told me to keep quiet though, will frighten people away. :P :P Hmm, one wonders why one was concentrating so hard on the jab ... duh.

I wonder if doctors can give out mc for people who are feeling depressed and wish to wallow in bed and shut themselves up in the house for the whole day. Hmmm ...

At least I avoided all the bustle. :P I'm feeling much better today, thank you ... if you're asking, because I had to go to work, and I had lots of things not done at work. And I ran up and down the stairs twenty times to see to things; up and down, round and round ... and I had to rush back for a stupid briefing which only lasted five minutes, not even enough to warm my butt, which cost me almost $12 in cab fare. And I was so annoyed because they were only trying to make things difficult for me, for I didn't see any actual need to attend the stupid briefing. GRRRRR.

So I'm in a better mood right now after all that energy spent running around and being angry. Slightly better only. I didn't want to be a helpful nice person at work anymore. I will only explain once ... and I was not in the mood to give extra private tuition. So I was quite abrupt with her today. The other colleagues were understanding and gave me their fullest attention when I explained to them. And she walked away only to ask me later. GRRRRR. If I'm in a sociable and good mood, I could explain the same thing ten thousand times. But I was not today. I'm still in my anti-social and moody act. meow.


Come to think of it, I wonder how come I knew what to do when others didn't. No one taught me how to use it either. heh.

That point being I'm smarter than all of them. *BLEAH*

Okie I confess. Perhaps part of the reason why I'm feeling low spirited is that I've been watching Hunter X Hunter continuously for the past four days. A total of a hundred plus episodes. About 30 a day. *bleah* Was it because I was feeling down so I glued myself to the screen and watched non-stop? Or was it due to the non-stop watching that I became depressed?

Second food for thought. Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? Or in this case, no more chicken and eggs because of the stupid ban. And to make it worse, no more seafood because of some stupid strike. Come on, just admit it, the second link is a failure. Did they do any research before building it? duh duh and duh. I love seafood. Prawns and squids and scallops. *sniff*

Oh, but I was writing about Hunter X Hunter. I took back what I said a long time earlier. Hunter X Hunter rocks! It is a thousand times nicer than Naruto. So perhaps it started off a bit slow and boring, after the excitment of Naruto ... but I must say, the storyline and depth of the characters are much much MUCH better than Naruto. And the excitment gradually builds up in HxH. It's also slightly more meaninful, the fights are shorter, not so long-winded and draggy like N, and definitely much much more exciting, because the posibilities are wider. And the baddies are more colourful too. heh ... and much more charming as well. heh. There's the mysterious Hisoka (I think he's gay, definitely), the extremely-evil-but-perhaps-not-really-after-all Spider Organisation, the interesting assasin-guild etc. The four main characters are cool. I like all of them. And now, once again ... I shall have to wait for the next episode.

I'd probably watch again. :)

Watching animes is spoiling my mood for reading. The anime is definitely more exciting and interesting than Da Vinci Code. heh. And that ties in with the quote in the beginning of this blog. Perhaps life is just so boring that's why I'm feeling moody.

Ah well ...

Third thought of the day:
Would a real friend be someone who stands by and sympathise and empathise and tries to give encouraging remarks? Or someone who bashes you on the head, shakes you till your teeth rattle, scolds you till you feel awful about yourself, and drags you along to do what you should be doing but not wanting to do?

I think I've been watching too much Hunter X Hunter. I'm glad Kilua has a real friend Gon, and Gon has a real friend Kilua. :)

I wish life was that simple. *puffs cheeks out*

And ... we caught Garfield last night. The Fat Cat is cute! Seeing how he is carried belly up in the arms of Jon makes me think of my own missing cat. She's really cute too. *sigh* ... err .. I was saying, Garfield IS extremely cute!!! I was going ohhh ... and goo goo ga ga ... heh ... but I think I still prefer the comic strip. They did some unimaginable atrocities to the story. humf. Also ... well, Garfield wasn't obnoxious enough. And Odie ... wasn't very Odie. :X

I guess putting four teaspoon heap of condensed milk into my iced milo wasn't really a good idea after all.


Also, it's definitely not wise to go for a sports massage the day after an intensive class of yoga. Pressing hard on sore muscles is definitely a torture, sorry I mean to say ... it hurts like hell! But ... it worked: the day after, ohh .. perfect. I love it especially when she stepped on my back and cracked it. heh. It was rather scary though. Hmmm ...


I need to look for digital camera and get it charged. Damn, if only I can unstick myself from chair and/or bed and unglue my eyes from HxH. Or ... maybe I should just lie down first. The thrill of doing things last minute will ensure that I have the motivation to find it.

I wonder why some people like to write nasty comments. It just make themselves look bad. And churlish ... and childish. Oh well, people are strange ... HxH is better. :P Downloading next Naruto episode too. Yay!

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