Friday, September 03, 2004

Being Grouchy

Hmm ... I'm decidedly feeling grouchy right now.

I just found my digital camera, which my brother 'sold' to me for the price of a new rechargable battery. It's a very old digi cam, one of those first generation kind, so the baterry cost about $70 or more if I'm not wrong. Hmm ... I should be happy right? Except I've not used it since, and he and father were the ones using it all the time. That's not about it. So anyway, I found the camera, and the memory chip was only 64M!! If I remember correctly, 64M can't hold many photos!! And I remembered him promising to give me a 256M card. That's when I got grouchy. Grrrr .... I felt cheated, you know .. like buying for something which I don't really want and which is not really useful anyway.

And the bloody thing is not even working right now.



So back to my old trusty boring non-digital (analog?) camera. *Sigh* ... and I should be packing.

Current Naruto episode is a letdown.


Too slow.

I'm grouchy because my room is in a mess, and I'm not in the mood to pack.

I'm grouchy because hubby drives me up the wall with his map reading.

I'm grouchy because digital camera is not working.

I'm grouchy because tomorrow will be one hell of a mad rush.

I'm grouchy because there's no more hunter x hunter and naruto is so boring now.

I'm grouchy because my colleague finished my cookies yesterday and I wanted to eat them today.

I'm grouchy because I kept telling them that the marks were not reflected in the report, but they kept insisting that they have done it, till I went in and SHOWED them where they did WRONGLY (and I had to change it for them as well). Arrgh, that one drove my blood pressure sky high especially it was an hour before deadline.

I'm grouchy because people kept asking me stupid things like when are you getting married? Hello ... I'm married already! Grrr. Oh, they meant when is the traditional wedding thingy. Hello! Need one meh? I'm not intending to have one. So I'm making it clear once and for all. Please stop asking. humf.

I'm grouchy because after that they'll be asking me when am I going to have kids because of all the extra incentives. AND I'm so tired of replying ... I'm NOT going to have kids THIS year or NEXT year or the year after. We will think about it when we are ready. PLEASE STOP ASKING.

I'm grouchy because they also kept asking when the house is ready. Please direct such question to HDB in future. How would I know? I cannot see the future. And for goodness sake, I'm moving to the NORTHEAST not east!! I wonder why they kept saying things like ... I heard you are moving to the east. DUH DUH and DUH.

And the other day, this colleague came up to me and said, congrats I heard you just got married. HELLO! I got married more than half a year ago! Read my lips: LAST YEAR. Arrgh. Even P didn't know. DUH. Maybe I should just make an announcement during assembly one day. DUH.

I'm grouchy because then they'll be asking me if I'm leaving next year. Please direct question to the boss if they give me the transfer. Grrr.

I'm grouchy because of so many other things.

I'm grouchy because father cooked fish and it was soo soo SOO salty. yucks. It's even saltier than salted fish or salted eggs. Sometimes I swear he's a bit crazy. Besides he was not supposed to take so much salt!! His blood pressure is high. So was mine after today's lunch. Grrr.

I'd better stop writing when I'm feeling grouchy else I'll end up being nasty to just about everyone.

I just need to let off steam. I doubt if any of them will read this. Heavens forbid too. heh heh.

I've been thinking of my need to write an online blog. I would much prefer what I write to be private of course, but I'm not willing to fork out money for that. So saying, perhaps I should stop writing, but it's kinda hard to stop once started. I've never been much of a paper person, I don't think I'll ever keep a diary, never have and never will. All these nice templates on the internet makes it really so easy and useful to write, so I would most probably continue writing and one day get myself in trouble. heh.

I do not care if no one reads my blog or if someone reads it. But sometimes I'd like to be read and there's a need to reach out to my friends. None of my friends blog by the way, though I tried to get them started. *sigh* ... I used to have my own geocities webpage too. Did it up myself with basic html, but blogging is so much easier than webpages.


Oh yeah, last reason ... I'm grouchy because I'm bored. There's no good book to read currently.

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