Saturday, August 14, 2004

The continuous state of growing old

Tonight is the first time I've ever been to Zouk. And just for drinks. I'm never one for such stuffs. I think I've been to a total of ... what? 3 or 4 times to a pub/nightspot. And we usually leave early. Alcoholic drinks are not really my type of drinks. They usually either taste like cough syrup or ... cold medciene. I remembered the first time when I had my first cocktail ... I'd almost threw it up :P Tasted like some cold medciene syrup form. yikes. heh. And I don't like the smoke, nor the loud music. Gosh .. have I always been that ... old? :P

The best alcoholic drink I've ever tasted so far is this particular Port - Tawny Port by Cockburn's, at a friend's place. Apparently one bottle cost a few hundred! But it was really good! Mmmm :) Perhaps I'm just fussy with what I drink. ;)

Red wine tastes nicest with medium rare steak. Come to think of it, the nicest steak I've tried is the one I cook myself! hahaha. Hubby agrees too, I bet. :) Too bad cooking steak really smokes up the whole house, not just the kitchen.

*evil mode on*
Sometimes when I'm really bored, I would read Shewhoshouldnotbenamed. It's rather amusing, really. One wonders if anyone notices the rather skewered eyes she has ... you know, the way her eyes are crossed. It's also rather amusing to read the exchanges of Shewhoshouldnotbenamed and Hewhowritesprettywell. In my own evil opinion, I guess one does really have a choice whether to read or not to read another person's blog. Then again one does have the freedom to comment. Whether it is offensive or not ... it's freedom of speech, yeah? *laughs* ... still, it makes for killing time sometimes. :P

Me .. I'd rather not offend anyone here. After all, this is a place for me to write my everyday little thoughts, it's nice to get comments from people now and then, and I certainly wouldn't like to get comments from people judging me or critising me or whatever. To each his/her own. Then again, if one does not exchange words, if one simply lives in one's own head, one will never learn and grow to be a better person. Hmm ... there was a meaninful little phrase I've recently heard regarding this ... but I've forgotten the actual words. :( Nevertheless, it's nice to read what others share with one, and some people really serves as an inspiration to life. While some others obviously do not, but are rather entertaining anyway. heh.

Perhaps I'm just a snob.


Today ... I thought of the Cat again. We really missed her. Especially now that I've just got the photos. There's one with me carrying her in my arms like a doll and she's just so ... so sweet, lying limply in my arms without struggling. *sniff*

It's really sad to lose her. But whenever I think of her, it always brought a smile to my face. Bittersweet.

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Tammy said...

There's a difference between debate and nastiness. Sometimes it's words, sometimes it's nothing more than tone. I don't care much for the nastiness myself and I won't often read it.

Anyway, just dropping by to say hi, Lys. :)