Tuesday, July 06, 2004

This day

Yippeee ... I've got an interview! heh heh. :) I hope I get it. Really really hope so. Everyone hopes for me too, k? :) I'm not sure if it's going to be good .. but it's certainly ideal if I get it.


Was reading up on The Bermuda Triangle ... very interesting. Doesn't seem to have much hype about it nowadays, or was it always like that? So many strange things occuring in this world. What exactly do we know? And recently in the Sunday Times there was an article about a guy seeing ghosts. Hmmm ... what is happening to our newspapers? Such news .. tsk tsk. It was interesting to read though, but it feels like Sixth Sense all again. It's hard to say whether one believes or not in such things. A friend once told me she was almost knocked down by a car ... but as she was going to step onto the road, something (like a force) pulled her back. She believed it was her guardian angel. Who knows?


What makes a woman beautiful?
Kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness, sweetness, diligence and patience.
heh .. I'm reminded of my secondary school motto:
Diligence prudence respectability simplicity

Waah .. so expensive to join the alumni ... everything nowadays is all about money huh. bleah


Today, the recurring motif seemed to be the word 'dead'. In the morning, a couple of colleagues shared with us. Passion (being 'alive') vs being 'dead'. Of course we feel like 'dead' half the time. So much work to do, so many meetings to attend. So much responsibilites and such. Where to find the energy to be 'alive'? :P And the kids being forced with so much knowledge of course ended up being 'stoned'. Humf. The presenter seemed rather sarcastic through. Very amusing.

Then I read in the magazine an article on depression. What do you do to a person who tells you 'Go away, I'm dead'. My grandma was like that back when she was still mentally okie. Wanting to die. Being miserable. Depressed.

And finally, was talking to a couple of my students about mysteries of the world and astronomy ... and seeing dead people and ghosts. heh. OKie ... better not spooked myself out especially I'll be alone tonight. *shudder* :P


Today's puzzle: 1 min 19 sec. Wow.


Tammy said...

Hey, good luck on your interview. I hope you get it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)