Sunday, July 18, 2004


Yesterday was the last lesson for the elementary 2 which ended with a big bang - TEST! Methinks I'm definitely not going to do well. During the orals, I froze. Literally. Dunno what teacher was asking. heh heh. Brain freeze. Her words didn't really reach the control centre of my pathetic little brain and the neurons there were still happily ... well, sleeping. Oh well, we'll see on Monday when the results are out. Hope hubby and I pass, then no need to study anymore. :)
One more week to go, and my time-table will be lightened considerably! yay! :) Which means I've more time to do stuffs since we'll be stopping Jap lessons for a while too.
Things to do:
1. dust the violin from the case, tune it and practise. I need to get a music stand first. (excuses excuses)
2. finish up my current knitting so that I can buy new books and do new stuffs. not much motivation to do it :P ... was more motivated when doing for someone else. like that time I only took 3 months to finish vest for hubby, but this current one has been sitting with me for ... 1 yr?
3. play the bloody piano! Which I had been doing the whole evening today on my MIL's piano. Hers sounds much nicer than my old one, which has a couple of broken strings.
4. err ... tidy up the room? yup, again.
5. ...

Listening to Chopin's Etude Op.10 No. 5 by Ashkenazy. Beautiful and crazily difficult to play. Totally no order from page 3 onwards. Okie ... I'm just too lazy to figure out the notes and practise. Now listening to Chopin's Ballade no.1. Hey ... I can play this piece! :) At least a third of it! heh. Hubby says Chopin's Etude No. 5 not difficult to play ... yeah right. I'd like to see him play that!

Here's something for me to remember: how to eat steak at Shashlik. Order one steak first and share. When finished, call the waiter back and order another one exactly the same as first, and share. I'm telling you ... it'll taste very much nicer! :) Food always taste good when both of you are snatching at it. ;) I dunno how to put chinese characters in but here's the quote: 'qiang3 zhe4 chi1 cai2 hao3 chi1'!

I realised that when I write I make a lot of grammatical errors unconsciously. Gosh, this is all the fault of too much singlish! When I've time, I'll need to go through what I've written and correct them. yikes. horrible english moi!
Hmmm, Chopin got a cello sonata. Wow. Okie ... I really need to compile a list of all my cds. And put them in my computer too. :)
Question of the day: Which is more difficult? Chopin pieces or Beethoven's? Chopin's Waltzes are relatively easy, as are his Nocturnes. The etudes are ridiculously hard, ballades, impromptus and schezos too. Usually playable but needing lots of patience ... which I don't have. Once upon a time, I told myself I'll try to learn the waltzes and nocturnes and preludes first, then move on to ballades, impromptus ... and maybe the schezos and etudes. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to play ten pieces at a time. *sigh* Beethoven's sonatas are usually playable. But ... there are some tough ones certainly. Maybe I should just play Mozart. heh. :)
Gawd ... just how much honey did I put into my cup of tea? I lost count of the number of spoons and was too happy adding the honey ... it's now too bloody sweet! yikes.

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