Friday, July 23, 2004

On the Far Side ...

Week by week flies by so fast. It's simply so amazing. Just yesterday I was saying one more week to go and now, it is the end of the week soon. whew. And the good news is that I don't have to set the alarm clock to wake up early tomorrow morning! Hooray! :)

Hubby and I went to the library today and we got quite a lot of comic books. Darn, they hid them away up in the teens section. Good thing we went up there cos' I was looking for one of Diana Wynne Jones books. heh. Got one Terry Pratchett's graphic novel. Hmmm ... Now too many books to read and my room has been raided by a tornado again. Nevermind, there's tomorrow. :)

I've been feeling so much happier this year. I guess married life really makes one happier. And it does affect the things one sees, the things one does and the way one regards the whole world. Although there are times I would feel down, still one knows that it's only a temporary feeling and one just have to bear with it a little.

... Or perhaps the kids are much nicer people this year. Today I saw some of them returning to receive awards. Some of them seem downright rude, bored, arrogant; some of them looked positively stressed, tired, thin. Poor things. Life is definitely much better without the stresses. Imagine returning home to an empty house, both parents working and no siblings. It does indeed make one wonders is there any meaning left at all. When I was young, I came home once to an empty house, my mum wasn't in, and there was definitely an atmosphere of gloom about it. Deep grey sucking emptyness, silence cold hollow echos. And I only had it once ... to think if one has to endure that everyday. Poor things.

And that gives me an idea about something. But now, bed beckons. *yawn*

One final piece: Godiva Earl Grey tastes real solid. Smells good too. A little like the one served at Coffee Club(?). Especially for hubby who likes Earl Grey. Strangly the tea doesn't affect me much ... my gears are running slow. Godiva 85% dark chocolate's too bloody bitter for me but it's not enough for Wen. Gosh, I think her taste buds must have been desensitised. I couldn't wait to wash the taste out of my mouth! *bleah* It's more bitter than crunching panadols. I need them sweet. :) The coffee smells good too ... and the cocca looks interesting ... perhaps one day then.

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