Friday, July 23, 2004


Well ... instead of going for yoga, I went to indulge in sinful shopping. Finally, I own a Tod's bag. whew ... *laughs* Terrible me. oh terrible terrible me. unrepentent. smiles.
And so I shall be broke again this month.
And it is my first Tod's bag. Hubby says 'Wrong word used dear.' first?!?!
On a lighter note, I think Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code reads interesting. May go to the library or Sunny to get. The other interesting one is The Rule of Four by somebody I cannot remember now. Maybe if Borders give a discount in Sept, I might buy them. Damn, books are all on loan at JRL. Another book to read is Diana Wynne Jones The Merlin Conspiracy. Light hearted children's book. Am reading Agatha Christie again. Maybe Jane Marple isn't too bad after all. Body in the Library was quite nice. I knew how the murder was commited quite early but couldn't figure out who the murderer(s) were. Heh ... fun. :)
It's fun to go shopping with conspirator. We perpetuate crime. heh. Spending so much money. It's all her fault , really :P. I think I'm lucky to have a friend like her. People sometimes thought we were sisters. I mean, we don't even look alike. People are so strange. But sometimes I think she treats me like one. As I do her? We both don't have sisters. Sometimes I wonder what it's like to have a sister ... nah ... I'll probably be damn jealous. I like it this way. I'll have to remind her to invite me to her place the next time her mom makes bird nest soup though. *laughs*
Since I'm confessing tonight, I might as well say I'm terrible at counselling someone. I see all the signs of a lonely boy, left at home all alone. No siblings and both parents at work. Coming home to an empty house is the worst feeling ever. Having no one to talk to, becoming unmotivated and becoming nua, wondering what the meaning of life is, being a perfectionist and worrier to boot, and feeling isolated from friends. He's getting the classic signs of depression and is seeking attention. I'm glad he is still able to laugh at it, but all I can do is to be encouraging and provide a listening ear ... but the emptiness doesn't go away for him. What am I to do? :(

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