Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle

Arrgh! Howl's Moving Castle ... amine by ghibli studio is coming soon! I've been waiting for it a damn long time. Did I mentioned Spirited Away was one of my favourites? As well as the whole lot of amines from Ghibli? Waaah .... Music is beautiful!!!!! :) :) ... I can't wait for it to start. Did I mentioned I love the book by Diana Wynne Jones? I must have, earlier. Yeah, that is one other thing I need to do. Buy all the DVDs of the animes by Ghibli Studio. Okie ... buy the cd of songs sung byYumi Kimura as well. Get the dvd/vcd of HMC as well. Damn, the last time my friend told me the whole bunch of Studio Ghibli amines were sold at SL ... and I didn't go and get them! :( I'd better get the book by DWJ too ... did I get it the last time?? Must go check bookshelf later. Arrrgh! DWJ is so much nicer than HP. :) :)

Can't wait ... can't wait ... can't wait ... can't wait ... :)


Jo Sharp got a whole bunch of new books too!!! I want! I want!!! :)

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