Thursday, October 15, 2009

Updates 3 - The kids

The kids have grown bigger and stronger and naughtier. Or you might say cuter. I'm not so amused but that's because my keyboard shift key is kinda stuck, and it's kinda annoying when I want to use it. Yep, the daughter got her hands on the laptop, and now we try not to use it in front of her. Then again, her reaction to laptops nowadays is to slam down the lid and 'mummy, stop playing with the laptop and pay attention to me!'

My cute 15th going on 16th month old daugher can walk, can almost run, and can't talk very well yet. She loves vending machines, because the one at the babyroom at a certain shopping centre gives out her favourite drink - Yakult, and whenever she sees a vending machine, she gets attracted to it like a drunken fly, and goes kult kult and starts fiddling with it.

During the lantern festival, we bought both kids lanterns - those with the lamps, and they enjoyed themselves very much. The son had a doraeamon lantern - he's into doraeamon currently, after the grandpa showed me some of the cartoons.

The daughter enjoys her lantern very much. See the brother's lantern in the background?

The hubby has bought a new toy for himself, a new Digital SLR camera. It's kinda hard to sort through a few thousand photos. :P That's what he's doing. Taking photos by the thousands. But the photos sure are well taken! I'm tempted to buy a new small idiot-proof camera, something which is easy to carry around, but after seeing what the SLR can do, I'm not sure ...

The daughter has 8 teeth! Now she has 10, her left molars just popped, one on top and one below.

The son and his bike.

Blogger's slow. More photos over at FB when I'm free!

Anyway, I'm starting the son on Kumon workbooks. Call me kiasu, but those stuffs are actually quite colourful and interesting, and the son isn't the most hardworking when it comes to doing work. One letter and he'll be full of stories, ranging from: hey mom, what is this person doing? why is this and that like this and that? or something like: my hands are very tired. i need to rest. And it's only one letter. While he can go on for hours fixing his lego. I'm actually quite impressed with this lego fixing. After watching transformers, he'll fix a robot with his lego and transformed it into a vehicle. cool!

Our lessons so far are rather relaxing and happy. No canings yet, and I try to keep my temper in check. Usually I'll let him off after one or two letters a day, or one or two numbers, and depending on his mood too. We'll do the writing while the daughter potters around the room, playing the brother's toys, after which I'll read them some books (usually three, since the son insists that a 3 year old boy needs everything in 3s). Sometimes I'll play a bit of the piano with my daugther accompanying me as bass, or sometimes she'll try to climb up onto the top of the piano. After that I'll get the girl to sleep first, then it's the son's turn. But I still have to build up on the discipline to do this everyday. ah well ...

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