Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Working vs not working

My brain feels like it's going mash. Don't get to gossip as much as I would like. Topics mostly centered around the kids. Don't get to dress nicely and put on make up. Listens only to children's songs and reads only children's books. Gah, when was the last time I picked up a proper book? How many times was 'The ants go marching one by one' on repeat?

The plus side is that I get to cuddle with my two kids, see them smile and laugh, play and swim with them. I don't have to wake up so early (seven is not early!), and get to take afternoon naps with them. I get to watch J and K dramas, and I must say, I still prefer J dramas! No animes for now, since nothing nice nowadays. I get to bring my girl out shopping at 10am, and there's hardly a crowd at the malls at that time!

So I packed some of the things back, I guess they don't expect me to return to work anymore. It was rather shocking to see the head looking so ... old and worn out, and I guess I don't miss the office politics and all. It's nice to be free!

Things I really ought to do: Play the piano and organise the mess at home. Things I'm starting to do: exercise more and teach the son.

In the end, maybe it's still worth it.

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