Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another sleepless night

My sense of time has been completely screwed up. The last couple of weeks of late nights have finally led me to this wide-eyed state. And I didn't even drink coffee. We had been staying up late catching movies and doing work. Some were pretty good. The movies that is. My dear boy caught his first horror show too. We watched Monster House. It was pretty cute. Not really frightening, but must be pretty frightening for him. He held onto us pretty tightly. There was Battle of Britian and Because I said so. Both were quite good and really enjoyable. Battle of Britian seemed so familiar. I think I might have played the game when I was a kid. All those bombers and fighters and spitfires and those views seen from the airplane ... so nostalgic. Maybe I watched my brother played when we were kids. On the computer that is. I doubt I've watched the movie before, or haven't I?

Seems that baby will not have a fever tonight anymore. But the true test would be at about 1am, 6 hours since the last dose of medicine. I hope he won't cough so much too. Poor dear, it's so painful to see him so sick. Kids are so fragile. I really hope his fever doesn't come back up. It's so difficult to give him his medicine that for the past two nights, he slept without taking medicine and yes, with a fever. Hubby said it's okay. I guess we'll leave it to the expert. I'm so tempted to be paranoid.

We are looking for people again. It's so hard to find good help. Maybe the pay is too low? I think this time we would seriously consider finding foreign help. Perhaps it's for the best eh? I wonder where all the employable people have disappeared to? Probably pay is too low for them. But rent is too steep for us. You really wonder what you're doing at the end of the day!

My little painting fell off the wall again. This time it left a little crack on the study table. This little painting isn't really little actually. Once upon a time a long time ago, Wen was shopping for her funiture and stuffs and we went into this woody place in Balestia and I bought two wooden frames with tiled paintings in them. Well, I hung both of them up above my study table, using the famous 3M stuffs, one above the other, and strangly enough, the bottom painting never drop off. Only the top one. The third time it happened, I switched both paintings, and guess what, the top one dropped again!

Dear hubby rolled his eyes all the way to the back of his head. I told him that as the painting on top is higher than the one below, the top painting will have a greater gravitational potential energy, therefore it exerts a greater force and thus is more prone to falling.

Hubby told me: Murphy's law. Murphy's law. When you least expect it to fall, it will fall. I think that's what he said. Gotta check with him again, except that he is sleeping right now.

What do you think actually happened?

Hey, I even changed the 3M tape each time! A new one okay!

Now only one painting sits on the wall. My table has a little crack. *mutter*

Hubby rolled his eyes again as I taped the 3M tape on a shelf on the wall. heh heh heh. Perhaps I'll take a picture the next time I tidy up this place.

In other news, hubby tried his hands at repairing the air-con, and inadvertably killed it. And he did not even turn off the mains when he was doing the work! How not angry can I be? Grr. Not only did he spoil the air-con, he put himself in bloody danger. Duh. I thought he was only going to put it back, but while I was cooking, he went and did so many things to it. Now it's dead. RIP.


See, blogging always make me sleepy. :) Yep, time to sleep. We are now camping in the study room cos cannot live without air-con!

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