Sunday, October 08, 2006

A week passes by

On Thursday, Mom cooked a mean pot of pig trotters. It was absolutely sinfully delicious. And coming right after a day of a non-dinner night. :P Mom sat by me and we chatted happily while she encouraged me to take one more. All together I had 3 and a half or was it 4 and a half? Sharing with her some of course.

Three hours later, I threw up every single bit of that yummy dinner. :( *sob*

That was the third time ever in my life that I got a headache so bad that it made me vomit.

I hurled out the whole contents of my stomach till it was empty and my throat felt raw. Then I threw up again and again till even the gastric juices came out. My headache was that bad. Or was it a migrane then?

So I had a jab, and was finally pain-free! Dear hubby said it probably made me a bit high as it was an opiate family. OH well. :p

Mom was so disappointed when I told her I threw up everything though. So was I.

Must be triggered by the stupid haze.

Baby climbed up the stairs. All two flights of it, under the watchful eyes and encouragement of his grandpa, grandma and me. We tried to teach him to climb down properly, but I think he was too elated and tired to try. Next time. :)

Baby doesn't quite know how to crawl properly, he scoots around on his tummy, like a seal. :P The other day I saw him lifted up his buttocks and crawled on his hands and knees and I shouted excitedly to my mother, only in the next second, to see baby flopped back on his tummy again and scooted towards the kitchen. Lazy bum I guess.

If you put out baby's toys in front of him and mix something which is not his toy in the mess, baby will unwaveringly reach out for the object which is not his toy. We will not buy anymore toys for him.

Baby dearest is going on ten months, and he's already ten kilos.


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