Tuesday, August 15, 2006

B is for BogeyMonster

I've been meaning to write, but I kept getting sidetracked. Hmm. Okie, that's not absolutely true, I don't really feel like writing much nowadays. I guess there isn't really much to write about, or perhaps there were much more exciting and interesting things to do out there, or perhaps simply, one just gets tired of things after a while.

Yet I had been extremely busy. And stressed. And that makes it even worse. For when one is stressed, one does everything except.

Deadlines are looming. Or rather, have come and gone and postponed yet again. There is no running away, no hiding under the blanket, no digging a hole and poking the head in, no putting a paper bag over the head. The horrors are still there. You may cover your hands with your eyes and play peekaboo and get giggles from your baby, but the boggie monster is still out there, waiting for you behind the door. Here today, right now, is still another game of hide and seek with the boggie monster. Yep, typing away on the keyboard, insignificant mortals us, and Mr Boogie Monster is just waiting behind the screen. Oh, but I just need to get started!

Everything aside, don't you just hate it when the hero has an important task to do, yet he is up to his neck or rather cheeks with fillers? No no ... not that fillers you use to puff up your cheeks so that you look like the korean-girl-next-door-poor-but-falls-in-love-with-rich-guy-who-has-a-girlfriend. Not that I watch Korean stuffs, but the TV nanny always says Korean everytime I'm in front of it. One wonders what happens to the cutesy Japanese stuffs. Give me Jdramas anytime! But like the sad fate of car license plates, K comes after J, and J is sadly a has-been.

Hmm, where was I?

Twenty more years later, and you would think that I should know better. Hey, it simply feels like twenty years ago!

I started reading and finished the first two books of The Obsidian Trilogy in less than a week. Lovely story that. And you really cannot decide whether the computer is a boon or a fiend. I wanted to quote a particular paragraph onto here, but I just can't find that bloodly page or paragraph. Where's the damn search/find button when you need it desperately? What can I say? Go read it yourself. It started off slow, but really picked up quite a bit after a few false starts. And I liked it for the analogy of the Golden City of a Thousand Bells with another we all are too familiar with. My dearest boy also wanted to learn to read, and he was quite adamant about it, and thus managed to get his gubby little fingers on one page. Mummy cannot afford to buy new books, but she will have to. They're not mine after all. Deduct from his bank account. Ha. So young owe me money!

So we made a trip down to Sunny, and the books were not in stock. Instead I went away thirty dollars poorer, and got myself more sleepless nights. :P

So the next book was Earth, Fire, Air and Custard (or Fire, Earth, Air ... or earth, air, fire or whatever) by Tom Holt. Have been keeping an eye out for his books for quite a while, you know you have this feeling that he is pretty crazy, and it is definitely proven after reading that book! Unfortunately, there wasn't any fine print which states that the book is in the nth order and one must read the (n-1)th order or (n-2)th order first, and so I wasn't quite pleased or satisfied with the whole gummybusiness. But I supposed it saves one some money for the (n-1)th book cos' it's unlikely one wants to get it, unless from the library or more from Bees and Wees. Still, the story was ... interesting, in a way ... and ... just a little nonsensical, but it pretty much flowed, and your curiosity was definitely pipped, and you just wanted to know where all the reasonless parts lead to. Nope, no sudden feelings of joy nor relief, but it certainly serves as a morsel of a custard cake to one's hungry tummy. Or maybe it's just the stress talking.

Of course in between, I managed to catch two more episodes of the anime I was waiting for, and nonsensical things cometh in pairs; Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu was just as confusing and entertaining, so that kept me occupied while the boogieman lurks just besides my feet, with fins just clearing the floorboards.

Baby boy is walking forwards on the walker, is able to pull himself up once in a big yellow moon, is growing upper teeth, all except the front two upper ones, has pooed lots today with face turning beetred in the process, and seems to be rather conscious of pronouncing ba,pa,ma,da etc. Oh and he loves sticking his fingers into his mouth and definitely choking after that. And did I mention he ate more paper the other day, and this time he definitely swallowed it, with the end result of coughing and vomiting everything out after an hour or so. Yep, brown pieces of paper. Hubby-not-dear gave him a brown envelope to play with while I was preparing dinner, and baby-still-dear played with it quietly and happily, of course. *rolls eyes*

Who reads my blog nowadays? Even though I hardly write? Besides of course I know who. :) C is for cookie monster because I love cookies, for the double chocolate chip cookies by famous amos, which Min always give me, and she being the one who got me hooked on. :) Do you know Addiction? Goes damn well with milk.

The other day I had a impromptu sort of free bone density test, and woe woe woe .... I'm in the osteoporous thingy part. Sob. I'm definitely going to be a wrinkled and crooked and holey bony old lady next time. Does the cheese actually work?

Question of the Day: Why does Mogu dog not have a name when all her other dogs have one? Grrrrrrr.

We looked at cheek cells and onion cells today. Never done that before when I was a student, so I was pretty much greener than them, as they did it in primary school! But still, one doesn't get where one is if one doesn't know how to smoke, and after the tenth time of saying onion rings instead of onion cells, one more or less gets the hang of it. However, one does know that saliva and cheek cells do look different, and it's quite fun to quash all those enthusiastic bright eyed wonders when they excitedly tells one that they got the cheek cells. Ha. Ha. Ha.

And of course, Happy Birthday ... even though I hate to think of Her and Them together ...

Now, if only a dollar will drop from the sky everytime someone says he's cute. ;)

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