Sunday, July 30, 2006

Slow Day

So I finally caught Pirates of the Carribean. Wasn't very impressed at all. Okie, so it did have its funny moments, but I think it really tired too hard. The funny bits weren't extremely funny, the exciting bits weren't extremely exciting. Overall, rather boring I thought. It didn't keep me on edge. Lacked the ohmph. Not as good as the first one. The whole show just seemed .... tired. And no, I wasn't tired when I watched it. We got a free popcorn though, and it was the first time dearest hubby and I shared one. :)

My lovely expensive tods slippers gave me a whole totally new experience the other day. Humpty Dumpty couldn't have a better fall. Damn. Now my bottom hurt even more *sob*. I guess when it rains, wear Burkies. :P

Went to have a haircut, and was told to return quickly because baby was howling his little head off. *sigh* If it were me mum, she would have handled it all right. Was told I would get a scolding for disappearing for so long. :( And that led to above incident. :( :( Wanted to do my hair treatment too, but didn't have time. *sigh*

Missed my anime.

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