Saturday, January 28, 2006

Reunion Dinners

How many reunion dinners can one go to?

Number One. Last night at Wen's place was fabulous. Food was good, as always. There were fish, vege with abalone and prwans, shark's fin soup, sweet and sour pork, pork in XO sauce, and drunken chicken. A spread worthy of any restuarant. There were only six of us. This is the dunno how many times I've been invited to her place for her reunion dinner. A bit strange you might think, but I'm just making up the numbers so that her mom can cook more dishes. Heh. And everyone at the table are small eaters. I'm there to sweep all the food clean and even dapao some back for dear hubby. Heh heh. Baby behaved pretty well last night too. Slept quite a bit and was pretty calm. Being difficult only when we reached home at night. Oh well.

Number Two. Lunch with hubby's family later. Pot-luck style as always. This year one of his brothers have gone to work/live in Korea. It's pretty sad because there are four less people. You need to have lots of people for a nice reunion dinner. I shall be making shark's fin soup (first try!), kailan with mushrooms and abalone with prawns. Someone gave us some shark's fin two years (or was it more?) ago, and I haven't even touched it yet! Hope the stuffs's still okay!

Number Three. Dinner at my parent's place. Steamboat as always. Something to look forward to usually, but I had a spat with my younger brother recently, and I'm also rather annoyed with mom. Am thinking of not going for the dinner. We'll see.

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