Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Shhhh ...

*looks around fugitively*

So there's hardly anyone around. And I'm killing time with my bare hands. Have I just opened a can of worms? It's not safe in here. Quietly quietly, guiltily, ready to flip if anything.

I am soooo bored to death.

And I've just finished the lovely set of booties, mittens and bonnet for baby. Looks a bit too lacy, if you ask me. Maybe I shouldn't have chosen that design, which was by far most the most difficult as well. I dropped numerous stitches, and ended up any-o-how picking them up. What to do? Don't expect me to unpick. That is soooo .... difficult because of the unusual pattern. What shall I start on next?

Damn, I'm too exposed here.

Knitting is rather theraputic. I read in a magazine that more young people are picking up knitting. So far I've known none yet, except for a secondary school friend - I wonder if she still does them. The place where I bought my stuffs I only see old aunties ... well, middle-aged aunties. :P

Dearest hubby has offered to sew up booties, mittens and bonnet for baby. We shall have to pour through the books together. There are some sewing techniques which make the stitches seem invisible. I am one hell of a perfectionist, what. Well, almost. heh. :)

Oh well .... counting down to take-off. :P

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