Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I need.

I can live without you but I would choose to need you. To make you indispensable to me. So that you're the one I turn to when I need comfort, protection, encouragement and security. So that without you my soul would feel alone and bereft.

I so agree with this.

There must always be a need in any relationship. If he doesn't need you, why should he stay with you? And vice versa. Definitely to make yourself indispensable. And you have to need him as well. Perhaps that is the gist of it all, as modern working women don't really need a man as they become too independent, too aloof and perhaps just too strong.

Who wants to be vulnerable?

It has been a very fruitful week this week. :) I got a reply regarding the river, quite fast actually, if not not very satisfactory. I confirmed my catering and more or less settled the guest list. Do we need to send a reminder? Shan't be paranoid. Duh. PM finally called a while back, in haste and full of complications. Everything is cool now, I only need to tidy up the place to make it more presentable. :P

And the best part of it all is that, I finally met up with my blog idol. hahaha. She who writes really well, best, I feel ... in spore. :P

Okie, and the next best thing is ...
I had a nice haircut. I like my hair style! :)
I had a lovely hair treatment. Good excuse not to go swiming again. :P
I had a wonderful pedicure. However, do not choose colours in yellow light.
I had a super shiok massage. Oh droool. And drool and drool again. *slurp*

Everyone needs a massage. The skin is made up of millions of nerves, or so dearest hubby tells me. A good massage really soothes you, takes away all the tiredness and grouchiness and troubles, and makes you feel really happy. :) And you will be better fortified for the next day.

Everyone should have a massage.

Fresh milk with chocolate fudge?

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