Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hungry thoughts

When you are quite hungry and you are simply waiting for some more time to pass before you start preparing for dinner, and staring at cookbooks doesn't help to satisfy the hunger, sometimes it's good to not to think so much but blog about it instead. :P

Gee, I have been doing yoga for like five(?) plus years. Wow. Somehow I still never really seem to be very good at it.

Such as arms are still too weak to support myself completely in handstands.

Or like my hamstrings are still too tight to do forward bends completely.

What have I acheived, if at all?

The peace and serenity in the doing of it all. That feels enough for me, though I really do need to work harder on those damn hamstrings and arm strength! :P

I remember a long long time ago, Xel asked me to join her for tap dancing ... or was it ballet? I promised her I would, after I get some flexibility from yoga. I really wanted to sign up to do ballet ... just to be a little more graceful, rather than being a yellow duckling. It had been five/six years ago, and here I am, not doing any of those dancing yet. Perhaps deep within, I'm just not too keen at all.

Instead, I picked up the violin. :P heh heh ...

Which is now sitting in one of those numerous cupboards collect mould and losing its tune. Perhaps I should look for it later, and ... ahem, play a little tonight?

There are just so many things to do, and time passes by too fast. The dreams one once had disappear in the spiral of time. Lost and forgotten, twirling away far far back into the pot of desires. I do wish ... but wistfully, no longer urgent or really wanting. It fades away quietly.

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