Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I've to put this down before I forgot. One of the anecdotes the speaker spoke of was when she was a teacher at this top boys' school (we shan't name names here but we all know which one right? :P), the rugby team lost to their namesis, and the whole team bawled their eyes out. Gee. And another time when the basketball team lost, the captain sprawled on the ground and bawled his eyes out, giving the reporters a field day, splashing the photo on frontpage news. Gee. They were so used to winning.

Youths nowadays have got no resilience. Though, I wonder if the speaker exaggerated. I certainly did not see that photo! :P

And to think that during my time, we were so close, yet we lost to our namesis by so little. Nevertheless, we vowed to return the next year to trash them, it was so fun and challenging and meaningful. And all these obstacles caused us to be so much closer. They have been wonderful friends all these years. :)

Maybe girls are just better than boys. heh heh. :P

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