Sunday, October 31, 2004


There are times when I just cannot put my thoughts and feelings into words. This is one of them. Let me try ...

Full-metal alchemist is one of the best fantasy anime I've caught. It's much nicer and impressive than all those fantasy books I've read over the years. There is a difference between reading a book and watching an anime. When I read a book, my brain processed the information read and I see pictures in my mind. The story flows along till I am completely immerse in the book. I always have to finish the book before I could start doing other things. In a way, watching the anime was quite like that. It was one episode after another. The one similarity about it was that because the anime was in Japanese, I had to read the subtitles, so it is much like reading a book. Except the difference is that wonderous sights and sounds fill my mind. Nothing is left to the imagination. I see the pictures unfolding in my eyes. There was music and colours. The illustrations were very good, and so was the story.

The story is about two brothers who decided to bring their mother back to life using alchemy. In their world where alchemy is possible, it's like magic, except it's governed by the law of conservation. Human transmuation was forbidden, but the desperate kids tried it, and the results were disastrous. The younger brother almost lost his life, and the older brother exchanged his one arm and leg to bring his younger brother's soul back and tied it to a piece of amour. After which, the brothers decided to travel and look for the Philosopher's Stone to return to their normal bodies.

Along the way, they uncovered the conspiracy in the military and faced the frightening Homunculus and learnt the truth about alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone.

It's different from the normal good vs evil kinda fantasy stories which is prevalent in the western fantasy books. I always felt that the Japanese can be very amazing when they come to story-telling. Their stories can be very quirky and it's like a different world all together. I don't just mean their mangas and animes, but the novels written by Japanese authors and translated to English. It's just so different, so strange, their way of thinking are so completely alien-like. But definitely refreshing to read!

Back to full-metal alchemist ... a homunculus is created everytime during a failed attempt at human transmuation (and so far, human transmutation has always been unsuccessful). The homunculus were a perfect creation of the human being but without a soul. But it seems that not all homunculus were evil creatures. The person behind it all was more evil. Makes one wonders huh.

It's hard to describe it. One has to watch it to truely appreciate it. Besides I don't feel like writing. I'll just keep them thoughts to myself.

Just feeling ... empty after finish watching the anime, cos' there's no more. *sob*

It didn't feel like Sunday today. I woke up as usual at 5.30am, and went back to sleep. We skipped Jap class yesterday because it was raining so heavily we didn't feel like getting wet. heh. The enthusiasm to learn Jap seems to be ebbing, at least for my part. Final test next week. I should panic a little, shouldn't I?

But I just feel so ...

Been playing Rayman 3 on the ps2. Nice game, restarted third time after finding the walkthrough and playing with walkthrough. I just want every stage to be perfect, well ... as perfect as I can. I guess I'm just the kind of person who writes about the boring mundane day. Everything seems boring today. boing boing boing!

Full metal alchemist was great! I just feel so dead these few days since there's no more of it. But I wouldn't want it to continue. It was a great story, the ending was very good, it could have been a little better though ... more action at the end, but ... it has ended and one has to move forward. I shall watch it again sometime, but the feeling will be different. All good things must come to an end. I've been watching Monster, and Monster has 78 episodes! good grief, that seems waaaay toooo draggy. Now that one should end pretty soon. It's starting to get mundane!

LR's back, I should have guessed it when the phone rang early in the morning at 7am. Only she would call that early. I was lying in bed listening to the ringing phone and wondering who would call so early. Perhaps it would be for younger bro for some important school thingy? Perhaps a wrong number? I just refused to get up to pick up the phone because no one I know here would call me so early and it's a Sunday, surely it can't be work? Mum picked up the phone and glared at me when she passed the call to me. heh. I guessed among her friends, I'm one of the early riser person to call. heh. She used to call at 6.30am I believe.

Anyway, it was nice to hear from her. :)

Ah well, no more full-metal alchemist. Time to go back to reading my books. All pale in comparison to the anime. *sob*

Perhaps I should start revising instead.

Hmm, or maybe it's time for bed. :P

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