Friday, October 22, 2004

Singing in the rain

I ran home in the rain yesterday.

I could have called home to get my father to pick me up at the bus-stop with an umbrella, but it had been a long time since I last walked in the rain. Besides it was quite a short distance. I started walking first, but the raindrops were huge and the wind was chilly. I went squich squich in my Burkies and gave them a complete good rinse in the muddy water which flooded the pavement. It felt good nevertheless, to be out with the elements of this world. I was completely soaked like a duck, with water streaming down my face. After the adrenaline wore off, I started sneezing instead. :P

But I didn't come down with flu. It seems that the flu vaccine is worth every single cent.

I like this.
As pleased as a cat's meow.
Hubby said he read it somewhere. Lovely, I too thought. :)

Just finished reading Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse. Not bad a read. Went to get a couple more at the library in the afternoon. Window shopped a bit and bought a pair of jeans. Am sleepy now. Should I go jogging tomorrow morning or will I be too lazy to get out of bed?

Hubby has got new toys. We got 6 games for the PS2. 3 for him and 3 for me. I haven't found any games which has been so addictive anymore. Think the last game I truely played was Freelancer. Sims 2 seems rather boring, not my type at all. And there's no nice fantasie RPG games worth my time nowadays. The last I played was Wizards and Warriors I think. Perhaps I should play Black and White again. I didn't complete because that time the computer was too slow. That was quite a fun game. I shall keep them to play with for a couple of weeks' later. Hols soon. :)

It's raining everyday nowadays. The weather is perfectly beautiful for a lazy day curl up in bed with a book and chocolates. I love such weather. I love to watch the lightning and hear the thunder and see the dusky gloom where the heavens shriek and the world cries. I love rainy days.

This reminded me of the time when I went camping in Malaysia with some friends for stargazing. The first time we went to Batu Layer was perfect. The beach was beautiful. I can always remember that night, especially when I close my eyes and think about it. The milky way which appeared to come out from the sprout of the teapot (Sagittarius), the beautiful Scopio, Leo which looked like a mouse instead of a lion, the summer triangle, Peagases early in the morning a couple of hours before the sun rises, and all the stars and galaxies and nebulas and planets. It was simply bliss to lie on the beach waiting for the sky to darken and the first star to shine. Totally unearthy.

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have a wish come true tonight.

Did it go like that?

In one of those trips we went, it started poring at night. Instead of clear beautiful night skies, we were forced to stay in our tents, huddling in the cold. And the rain came in. And the wind came in. And everything except the kitchen sink came in. Yes they all did! The grassland where we pitched our tents got flooded, and the tents got flooded as well. We couldn't really sleep and ended up baleing water out from the tent instead. Unforgettable.

My astro-crazed friends were so disappointed that they couldn't take astrophotos, so one of them decided to shoot for the lightning instead. It's not easy to catch a lightning bolt. Defnitely not easy. One must have reflexes with the speed of light. Before the thunderstorm arrived at our doorstep, or rather tentflap, we could see lightning far away in the horizon. So there my friend was, all ready with his camera on the tripod, waiting for that flash of light to click his camera. Throughout the night he kept awake, just waiting to catch that perfect elusive shot. Every now and then though, we would hear a bloodcurdling roar, no ... not the thunder, the thunder would follow soon after that actually. It was the sound of dispair of a fanatic, the sound of a heartbroken cry which reverbrated throughout the night, the sound of frustration as he missed shot after shot yet again of the lightning. So it was something like this: Lightning flashed, roar of dispair, thunder laughed. He had to retire after a while, because the rain came soon after that. :P

I could remember those times as clear as it had happened yesterday.

Oh beautiful stars. Prettier than diamonds. And looking at them stars, one realised how insignificant and small one is. Breathlessly wonderful stars.

There is so much to see in this world, even little spore here has a lot of things to see. On the bus that day, I saw the beautiful white crane spread its wings and flew off up into the sky. Another landed on the green grass and started pecking away. The plants along the road has started to flower again, all red and purple and pink and even white mixed in a sea of greenary. East Coast Park goes a long way. How clean the air feels and how beautiful the faraway sea looks, sparkling green and blue. I could just reach out my hands and grab the ships off the ocean. Look at the raindrops trickling down the window panes and distorting the world outside. Look at the clouds covering the horizon blotting out the glare of the morning sun as we sped to work to be on time.

We can look, but can we see?

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