Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Serious ranting mode on

I need to rant.

I am ever so annoyed.

Again, some idiot at work pissed me off. Whether or not I have money, I do not need you to say things like my hubby is rich, and I can easily get money from him. That really pissed me off. First of all, I never said hubby is rich. Just because of his profession, you don't need to be deluded. Both hubby and I are not born with a silver spoon, and whatever money we have, we earned from our hard work. Every single cent for the house came from our own pockets without any help from family or anyone else. And we have to support our own families as well. The way you put it, you are insulting me and showing how silly and immature you are. Besides it's none of your business at all!

I should have told him all those instead of boiling inside. I ranted to another colleague and she commented that a lot of pple in our office have got no social graces. And that person has got no right to comment whatsoever about my affaires. I totally agree!

I think I shall not be friendly and nice and smile so much anymore. I shall put on a 'do not even dare to talk to me' look on my face next time. I just can't stand them!

Another incident which happened even earlier. Another colleague (it's another male, the male species in my profession are damn pathetic) came up to me, and asked me if I were the form teacher of class so-and-so. Upon affirmation from me, he told me bluntly that my students were caught gambling. I was shocked. After I got my witts back, I asked him what they were actually doing to be accused of gambling. He said they were playing cards. I got really annoyed then. They say the blood can boil, I actually felt my blood boiling! Accused of playing cards and accused of gambling are two totally different things all together. Did he see them gambling? Were they playing with money on the table? He said he didn't know what they were doing, they were just playing cards. I got real mad. If they were playing cards, how can you simply shoot off your mouth and say they were gambling? It's so damn ridiculous! Unless you have proof that they were gambling, then you can accuse them of gambling! I mean, you are a teacher and you can't even be professional in your judgement. How pathetic can it be! How immature can you get?

Another colleague overheard and I think she understood my anger. She spoke to him at length about something he said to some students the previous day regarding calling them worse than shit. After which when I had cooled down and was more civil, I said to him that I know my students and they will not gamble. And everyone else in the school was playing cards because not every teacher implemented the rule of not playing cards, so what I would have done if I were in class were to simply tell them to keep the cards and take out some books to read. It's hard to monitor all of them because :X. We should just do our best we can, and yelling and scolding them and accusing them of terrible crimes do not work.

And I was also rather annoyed with another one who was ... just annoying. This has to do with the marks thingy. Today he was like following me and trying to apologise and wanting to give me a packet of biscuit to make up. DUH DUH DUH. I told him sharply: I am not angry, I am not upset, can you just behave more professionally? DUH. Next year if I'm still around, we'll be working together again, so can you please get your act together? DUH DUH.

I need to get out of there soon. Else my sanity will go first.

And I was a bit annoyed too, because the yahoo game I downloaded and played only allowed me to play for an hour. And the bloody damn yahoo games really got their act together, and I can't think of anyway to beat the system. Demo games only last an hour, and it's so expensive to purchase the game. Damnit damnit damnit. $@&*^@%%. And I was winning.


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