Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Some good news

My kids won some prizes in the recent CG competition. I was extremely proud of them and happy that they managed to win something despite the tough competition. And best of all, they did all these without much prodding or babysitting from me. That is what I call real achievement.

Compare with the other teams by my other colleagues which I think they spoonfed them too much. This was something which I held strongly against. What is the point of winning if the work they do is mainly your work? What is the point of a competition if you give them so much privilege that they become arrogant and spoilt? What is the point if all you want is glory for yourself? Aren't we missing the most important point which is their hardwork and preseverance is all that matters? To me, it doesn't matter if they win or not. Winning is only a bonus. I'm glad that they enjoyed themselves and they did it all on their own.

I dunno. Maybe it's just me.

The thing about going on a holiday is that I tend to watch TV more than a whole year if I were to stay at home. Whenever I'm in the hotel room, I would switch on the TV to CNN, BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, HBO, Star Movies, Sports, etc etc. Every moment from the time I wake up to the time I sleep, the TV will be on, and I'd become a bed potato. Really! I think the real reason is that here in spore, the tv programs are really boring. Unless one subscribe for the extra programs, if I have to sit through the local channels, I'll scream in frustration. And of course the TV is simply right in front of the bed in the said hotels. heh.

On Sports news, I caught up with my favourite sports - tennis. Hmm ... it's been really a long time. All the tennis players which I rooted for a long time ago aren't playing anymore. Duh. I'm just getting old.

And recently there had been much coverage over the Russian hostage crisis at the school. It's very sad to see the attrocities and all the killings going on. It's tragic to see the families crying for the dead ones. All the lives wasted. What is it for? Why are such things happening? I don't know what to feel about it all. It's just so ... empty. War, killings, murder, terrorism are all part of their lives now. Tragic.

We are in the middle of watching Love Actually, actually. But it got so confusing and rather boring, that I left watching it and came here to write my blog. heh :P At least the latest episode of Hunter X Hunter was much more entertaining. But having to wait at least a week for the next episode really truely sucks. *sigh*

And now that I'm well and not lying in bed all the time ... I think I'm starting to be bored. very. :P

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