Saturday, September 11, 2004

Autumn Ramblings

Eh, what autumn, you ask? Just because it's September. :P

And it drizzled this morning. We washed the car last evening. It took us 1 hour to do so, and that was six pairs of hands doing the job. Oh my, but it was sooo tiring to wash a damn car. We only used only one pail of water though .. and I think 8 pieces of clothes and 2 sponges. :) I can't say it's extremely clean right now since it rained. But at least the car doesn't looked too bad.

I've decided to start a new blog for work related stories only. Hubby's good with words and gave me a word which I'll use it to describe the blog. heh, that sounds rather fun.

Here's an article for thought:
I'm not sure about it, what do you think?

It's not healthy to drive the car with my father in it. Everytime we would never fail to end up quarrelling. I swear, one day I'd probably crash the car with him in it. Duh ... I so hate him like that!

I forgot what else I wanted to ramble about, so I'm going back to bed.

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