Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The nobility of suffering

I have a headache. An irritating niggling headache at the back of my head. Not too serious till I can't do anything, but painful enough to annoy me. And I had the headache since I woke up in the morning. A little throbbing one which pulses with my heartbeats. Arrgh. Should I take the Bextra and get rid of it once and for all? Blast the bloody headache.
I don't understand how anyone can have insomnia night after night after night. Surely by then one would be too tired to stay awake anymore? For me .. I can sleep anytime, anywhere. Just sitting on the granite ledge with my head in my hands and I'll doze off.
I think Agatha Christie's books are more on romance than on murders. :)
'She never needed Roderick Welman. She loved him, yes, unhappily - even desperately.'
Peter Lord, his face set and grim, said harshly:
'She will never love me like that.'
Hercule Poirot said softly:
'Perhaps not. But she needs you, my friend, because it is only with you that she can begin the world again.'
Peter Lord said nothing.
Hercule Poirot's voice was very gently as he said:
'Can you not accept facts? She loved Roderick Welman. What of it? With you, she can be happy ...'
~From Sad Crpress
Sweet ... and interesting :)
And I'm hungry.

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