Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Nanny State

Coddling starts from young. Unfortunately, as you grow older, the nanny-ing doesn't stop. At the age when the kids should be weaned to be more independent and responsible young adults, they are still being nannied. It doesn't stop. And it doesn't end. Any wonder why people say the country is like a nanny state? ha.
It doesn't help if we give in to every whims of theirs. It doesn't help if we nag at them continuously and provide them with every little bit of assistance instead of letting them find out for themselves the hard way. *sigh* And the sad thing is that, if you don't ... you'll be 'requested' to do so, or you might be 'complained', or deemed 'uncaring'. And the ranking and kiasuism just make it worse.
Yesterday my kids requested again that they be excused for the test next mon as they are involved in an external quiz. Reason was they spent the whole week preparing for the quiz and have no time to study. I was really reluctant to do that. Just because the other teacher allowed his students that, doesn't mean that I should do it too right? See, the others like Basketball, Band, Choir etc ... when they have their competitions, trainings were just as bad if not worse, and one never hears anything about such requests. And do you know those other kids turn out to be like? Extreme arrogance and cocky. Bullshit all the way. And there have been complains about their attitudes. *sigh* ... The world doesn't stop for you just because. They have to learn to accept the responsibility. Besides they have the rest of the Sat and Sun to revise right? Don't tell me they would take the whole week to study if they did not have the quiz. I'd not believe that. ha.
I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do. Sometimes it seems so difficult to do something just because. It has come to the point when you're afraid to scold or be too sarcastic. For fear of hurting their 'fragile' egos, for fear of 'abusing' them. I don't see what's wrong of saying ' you stupid lazy ____' because they are lazy and being stupid. But it has become an accusation of being a 'self-fulfilling' prophecy and .. yeah, you are at fault, not them. Like ... since I've been scolded stupid and lazy, I might as well be that ... it's not my fault. *whines*. It seems that swear words are less threatening and much more acceptable instead of perfectly normal descriptive English words.
Things I've said:
'Before you open your mouth, ask yourself the same question, and think about the answer and see if you know the answer. Instead of interrupting and disrupting the class and destroying my train of thought.'
... after the hundredth time of repeating the self-same question back to the boy and him giving me the answer and saying 'oh yeah'. But it still happened again. and again. and again after that.
Whenever I'm asked a question, I would always throw the question back at them. I swear I've grown colourful feathered wings and a bright beak. And almost everytime they had the answer there within them. Just what is so difficult then? I don't mind if they ask me something they do not know or are unsure of. But questions like that drives me up the wall. Maybe I'll fly away when I'm sick of parrotting. :P
Other things I've said:
'If you insist on behaving like a silly kid, I'll have to punish you like a child. Like stand outside and pull your ears.'
'fine ... if you don't want to do your homework and don't want to listen in class. Why don't you just stay at home or look for a job outside and stop wasting tax-payer's money?'
I wish I could be more subtly sarcastic. :P But I'm not sure if I could get away with it. Especially not now when tables are against us. Even my hubby gets it at his place of work. I'm sure he'll love to throw them out when the next healthy one comes asking for mc. The teachers who used to teach me had the skill of being subtly insulting honed to a fine art. And they do get away with it. heh.
And the remedials. ... sigh. More coddling, more nanny-ing. Them resenting, us resigned. It's not going to do any good does it? When would they learn to take responsibility for their own actions?

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