Monday, July 05, 2004

Crazy conversations

Just when I wanted to lie in bed, my hp beeped. SMS ensured. Wonder why my friend thinks I know everything. :P Hmm, chickenpox. I think the information I gave was correct, I hope. heh heh. Having chickenpox before doesn't necessary make one an expert on it. But I'm usually right. haha. Wonder where I get all my information from too. Sometimes I really wonder how come I know so much useless information. People are always asking me things. Strange.

Like when my MIL had some numbness in the hands and feet and chest, but everything else normal, we were reluctant to send her to A&E. Unhappiness resulted. So I offered to do some foot reflexology for her ... and wala ... it worked! heh. Better really. Couple of days later, she did some tests and mumbojumbo and everything was all right. Strange.

Then my rest was disrupted by a friend on ICQ. Asking me boring questions like the traditional wedding. DUH. So I said, 'want to treat me to lunch today?' Friend, 'why would I wanna do that?' me, 'because i want to eat dim sum'. heh heh. Well, one could always try right? Althought one knows what the answer would be. Perhaps I should change profession and be a crystal-glass fortune teller instead. LOL.

Oh well .. back to bed. I'm already regretting not going for yoga now. But ... let's comfort meself by saying it's not my teacher teaching today since she's on leave, okie? There there ... to self, feel better? :)

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