Thursday, June 24, 2004

Chai Tea

heh ... the way he puts it, one feels one must try the Chai Tea at Borders one day.


There was a very nice tea which was served to me when I was at the hairdresser once. A place which I've only been to once ... but the tea was really wonderful. Think it was some red bean or red dates tea or something. Must go back to that salon again, just for the tea. heh heh.

And the ginger tea at this other place was really good too. So warm and comforting and smells really great. I wonder what goes into it. The ginger tea we had in Bali during the tub experience was really great too! Hmm, I need to try brewing my own some time soon.


Chai Tea, so strange ... just when something comes to your attention, you seem to see it everywhere. In the current newsletter from my yoga school, here is a recipe for Morning Chai Contemplation:

Ginger Chai (spiced tea) (makes two cups)

Two bags black tea
Two inch long old ginger, grated
Three cardamom pods, split open
Two inch long cinnamon stick
Black pepper - ground
Coriander seed & Cloves - 2 pinches each
Brown sugar to taste
1 cup water/1 cup milk

Bring to boil the cup of water. While waiting, wash and grate ginger. Add tea and all the spices and bring to boil again. Add milk, simmer, steep and strain.

While tea and spice steep, stretch out in a few of your favourite kitchen counter poses.


My hubby likes the Earl Grey at Coffee Club. He said it is special, unlike any Earl Grey he has ever drunk. I tried it that time and have to agree with him that it tasted rather unique. Unfortunately Coffee Club didn't want to diverge their secret or sell their special tea leaves to us. They said it's not for sale. DUH. Does anyone know where I can get Coffee Club Earl Grey tea for home consumption? :)

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