Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Brain Sprain

I must remember NEVER NEVER EVER to drink coffee after noon! The iced mocha I had about 7pm last night kept me awake all night. I felt drugged for 12 hours after that, and had only 3 hours of sleep. And I distinctly heard the brain going 'squeeeeesh squiiiiiish' as it protested this morning when I started work. Everything seemed to feel muted ... and no, I wasn't sleepy. Just totally drugged out.

Nope, no more coffee. Thank you. Perhaps cookies and creme at Dome might be nice. :) Or next time I shall just stick to hot chocolate. :) Or milo. me Jap teacher said in Japan milo only for kids. heh. Or maybe I might even pluck up courage and try the highly recommended Borders Chai Tea. :)

Furthermore, I had to 'try' to finish up the Quiz today, since I'm going to have to start the rehearsal tomorrow. Oh ouch ... was doing it in between classes and skipped lunch to do it. And no chocolates to keep me going. Brain indeed feeling all wrung out. You know, it's like ... you take your brains in your hands, and twist it like a dishcloth, and all the neurons and brain juices gets wrung out kinda feeling? Yep ... that's exactly how my poor brain is feeling right now. I managed to get half an hour nap just now. Whew! I should go to bed right now, but as I was saying, my brain is still a little wrung out ... now it needs to unwind. heh.

OKie, I've not exactly finish the quiz yet. I guess it's my own bloody fault for being so bloody procastinating. Perhaps I should have followed someone's suggestion and pick up the questions from the past years which were ALL DONE BY ME. Yeah ... the kids were supposed to be doing it ... but but but. *sigh* It's actually kinda fun preparing the questions ... heh .. cos there are so many interesting funny stuffs to ask, and actually I learnt a lot of things too! Like ... here, but I just need .. erm .. more time? *LOL* Oh yeah ... After that we'll train the kids to run the quiz which isn't really my job ... and sometimes I wonder, at the end of the day, am I being recognised for my efforts? *sigh*

I guess it doesn't matter ... although it does get kinda ... meaningless.

Well ... sometimes I think that the education system here is such that the teachers are doing all the learning ... and the kids ... what? Ohhh ... right, let's start on my grouses.

I do not believe in spoonfeeding. I do not like to give them model answers, so that they will memorise everything word for word. I do not care if they cannot answer the questions or if they do badly in tests as long as they do ask questions and take part in the learning actively. Eventually they'll do well for their exams anyway if they are smart and they study. I mean, in the Uni, we only have like what ... 1 month to prepare for exams ... and these kids are given like 6 months to regurgitate everything.

Unfortunately ... things don't always happen like this, one wonders about the rational of ranking, which brings out the worst kiasurism in all, parents and teachers alike. And you feel like you have to follow the sheep. baa-baaa - tasty lamb. Ranking amongst schools, ranking amongst colleagues ... ranking amongst students. And we have to teach them to 'think' and be 'creative'. rrrright.


And teachers ... like doctors, are now all into customer-oriented services.


OH damn, I took 30 minutes 9 seconds to finish today's puzzle! And my brain got twisted again. :P

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