Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Blackout 2004

Blackout at about 2215h

Boring? I think it must have been the mutterings of a certain individual (though liabilities denied) who said that this country is boring. And the next thing we know, we had the most exciting blackout ever happened! Surely. Oh, isn't it so exciting? *laughs...snorts..* When was the last time it happened? It would be in this house, when I was about 10 or 11. Anyway, apparently this is a rather major blackout. All the way from here to the central - city hall - my brother was there when it blacked, and in the east. My friends in the central and north seemed unaffected.

It's rather romantic with the tea lights and the lightstick. I an writing this under the green light. When I looked out of the window, the streets and roads were dark. And it really gave me a peaceful feeling. I see the dark shadows of the trees in the moonlight, occasionally brightened up by the headlamps of passing cars. The place was quiet, birds were sleeping, and there was a hush magical feel to it all. Somehow I'm reminded of Bali, of the countryside where I see the trees in the light of the moon and millions of stars. Of course there aren't any stars tonight, cloud cover being quite thick - meaning it's a damn hot night actually. But my eyes are no longer blinded by the glaring streetlamps. Into the dark night I looked out, seeing it for what it really is, without the illusion of bright lights which hides the truth behind it's blanket of artificial warmth and security. The night has its own beauty, and secrets lurked among the shadows of the leaves. I only need the air-con now. :)

I'm not bluffing you. It is exciting. People are trapped in the lift. I can hear the firemen shouting downstairs and trying to get the doors open. See ... exciting not? Gosh, good thing my hubby didn't come over tonight. He might have been stuck!! Poor people.


Conversation with Min in ICQ:
she : got power lioa?
me : yep .. finally .. hehheh .. was baking :P
she : so what happened to the thing u bake?
me : errm ... getting cooled in the aircon? me getting baked lah .. heh heh heh

Sauna over ... heh.


It's incredibly hot and rather boring here. :)

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